Instructions Step 1: Research state laws, and any federal laws if applicable, re

Step 1: Research state laws, and any federal laws if applicable, regarding treatment and parental rights when language and cultural barriers are involved.
Step 2: Determine, through professional research, if you believe the decision to remove the child from parental care and place her in foster care was a just decision and explain your stance.
Step 3:Discuss the process your facility has in place and if there is no policy in place, create one.
Step 3: Compile your research and create a professional paper that adheres to APA guidelines.
Step 4: Ensure you are researching only scholarly works. It is recommended to use Concorde’s Online Library: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.)
Step 5: You must have at least five (5) outside resources. Wikipedia is notan acceptable reference.
Step 5: Save and submit your assignment.
Maria was a 4-month-old Hispanic infant with a history of Down’s syndrome and an ASD/VSD congenital anomaly. After her cardiac surgery, she had several complications that resulted in a lengthy ICU stay. During that time, she had two cardiopulmonary arrests, which resulted in the need to try to contact her parents. Her parents visited infrequently due to work obligations and the need to care for their other children. They were Spanish speaking, which made it difficult for the staff to have any type of ongoing communication and contact with the parents.
After the second cardiac arrest, the physician attempted to contact the parents by calling the phone number on the chart. The number turned out to be that of the eldest daughter, who was only 21 years of age. The daughter began to cry and told the physician that she had never been able to tell her mother how sick Maria was, knowing she would not want to hear news like that about her own child. She continued to state that she did not want to be used as an interpreter.
A conference was scheduled between the parents, physicians, social work and interpreter. This conference resulted in the parents stating that if the “child’s heart stopped, then God must want her” and they wanted nothing further done. However, they consented to a tracheostomy and a G-tube because they were told the child would be “more comfortable.”
The child was hospitalized for 8 months. The family was unable to learn to provide the care required for a child with multiple needs such as Maria. She was placed in foster care and became a ward of the state.