In this three-page (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) essay, you will be conducting a

In this three-page (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) essay, you will be conducting a sociological analysis of a subculture of your choice. Find a documentary, docuseries episode, or piece of video journalism, at least one hour long, that documents a subculture of interest to you (see below for examples). You can use any streaming service you subscribe to or take advantage of free streaming services such as Kanopy (sign in with your Bruin account) or YouTube. While watching the documentary, take note of the three elements of culture: material, cognitive, and normative that are portrayed.
Begin your essay with a brief (one or two paragraphs) synopsis of the documentary you watched. Be specific about the place, time period, and group of people whose lives were documented.
Describe in-depth the elements of culture that you observed. This includes material culture, language, values, beliefs, knowledge, and norms of the group as portrayed in the documentary.
In your discussion, relate your analysis of the subculture to the broader social context in which it exists. Some questions to consider in your discussion include:
What is the social context in which the subculture exists?
What is the subculture’s relationship to the broader social context or society in general?
How does the distinct culture of the group maintain boundaries between insiders and outsiders?
Are the boundaries rigid or flexible?
How has the subculture changed over time?
Conclude with a discussion of what your analysis reveals about the construction of culture, its boundaries, and the way it changes over time. Use terms from your textbook to demonstrate your understanding of this week’s core concepts.
The documentary I have chosen for this is ‘American Hardcore (The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986).’ The full video can be found on YouTube