In this module, you have been learning about art that intervenes—that attempts t

In this module, you have been learning about art that intervenes—that attempts to change the way people think or act, the way that institutions are run, and the way that power is exercised. For this project, you will write a formal proposal for a work of feminist activist art that will intervene and have an impact in a community that matters to you. Artists often write proposals to secure funding from museums, art foundations, private donors, and nonprofits. You will address yours to CreativeCapital, a nonprofit organization that offers grants to support innovative, socially engaged art projects. To provide CreativeCapital with a clear sense of what they will be funding, you will submit a sample of the artwork you propose. You are not required to implement or complete your work of activist art for this project—though, of course, we hope some of you will go on to do so!
Proposal Structure
Your proposal will be an abbreviated version of CreativeCapital’s actual award application, slightly tweaked for the purposes of this course. Your proposal should be divided into the following six sub-sections:
Project Description:
Describe your project in detail. What will it look like? How will it be carried out? How does your project take an original, imaginative, and feminist approach to creating change? (~150 words)
Project Objective
What kind of impact—artistic, intellectual, communal, civic, social, political, environmental, etc.—do you hope your project will have? What strategies will you employ to achieve the desired impact? (~100 words)
Who are the specific audiences/communities that you hope to engage through this project? Please think beyond the broader art community where possible. How are you hoping to reach them? (~100 words)
Please place your work in context so we may better evaluate it. What are the main influences upon your work? How does the work of other feminist artists inform your current project? Please use concrete examples of activist art you learned about in the course to supply the context. (~150 words)
Works Cited
Provide a works cited that includes an entry for each source mentioned or used in the proposal.
Work Samples
Please provide an example, mock-up, draft, trial run, script, or other sample material that helps illustrate your vision of the proposed artwork. So, for instance, if you are proposing a poster campaign, you might create a sample poster. If you are planning a public performance, you might write a script or film a trial run.
To meet the basic requirements and pass the assignment:
Your proposed artwork should intervene in the way things are with the intention of creating a change. This could be at an individual, community, or institutional level.
Your proposal must include all the above explanatory sections (sections 1-4).
Your proposal must include a works cited (section 5) containing appropriate identifying information for any source material you have used or referenced in any component of the proposal.
Your proposal must include a sample of the proposed artwork (section 6). What this sample looks like will depend on what kind of a project you are proposing. If you have an idea for the project, but are unsure how to create a sample, reach out to your GA to discuss possible options.
Your proposal should meaningfully engage with and relate your project to the course. It should be clear from the proposal that you have done the reading, watched the lectures, and participated in your discussion section.
All sections of the proposal should be polished. In other words, your work should contain a minimum of mechanical errors, demonstrate careful revisions for clarity and artistic vision, show an attention to detail and presentation, etc
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