In this essay, students will again be using evidence (both primary and secondary

In this essay, students will again be using evidence (both
primary and secondary sources) to make a historical argument. Essays will be examined for three key
Does the essay have a clear argument?
Is the essay well-written and well-organized?
Is the argument supported by specific evidence
from the source materials?
Please answer the following question:
How did racism shape
American encounters with “new” peoples between 1880 and the start of the Second
World War?
1. Essays must be 4 pages long. More than 4
pages is too long and you have
probably written too much; less than 4
pages is too short and you probably have
not written enough.
2. Students are required to use 3 primary
sources (no more, no less) in their papers.
are also allowed to use the textbook, but sparingly. No
other sources of any kind may be used in this paper. If you use other sources, you will
automatically fail. You must choose from the primary sources which
we have read in class.
3. Writing will be, as always, a significant
factor in your grade. Your writing
be clear, concise, well-organized, and
free from all spelling and grammatical
errors and typos. If your paper lacks an argument, your essay
will be marked down
three full grades. Please see the “Writing Guide” (posted on
Blackboard) for
stylistic and formatting rules, as well
as hints for finding and correcting common
writing errors. Students are strongly encouraged to take
their papers to the
campus Writing Center and/or the History
Department tutor and/or make appointments
with me before submission.
4. Citations for all material used in the paper
are required. Plagiarism will not be
evidence of plagiarism or academic dishonesty of any kind (including
failing to properly cite evidence) will
result in an automatic failure.