In this assignment, you will be writing a classical argument wherein you respond

In this assignment, you will be writing a classical argument wherein you respond to the above question. Your essay must explain whether you think Sammy was wise to quit his job (yes or no, not both) and why. You will explain your stance by pulling from historical context. You must have at least three reasons for believing Sammy should or should not have quit his job, and elaborate on each of your points in the body of the paper.
Your introduction should include:
A short summary of “A&P” by John Updike
An explanation of what “wisdom” is (you may use a dictionary definition, but you must cite it and it will not count toward your required outside sources)
A recognizable thesis that contains your stance and your three reasons for believing your stance
Because this is a classical argument, you must also recognize and respond to opposing views and either concede/rebut them. Your essay should have at least two rebuttals.
In your essay, you must also display a college level of critical thinking when explaining why Sammy was/was not wise to quit his job. You are not to use your own personal experiences or beliefs when developing this paper, but rather referring to the text itself and historical facts to build your argument. Make use of direct quotation and summary/paraphrase to provide evidence for your reasoning. Be aware of the time period as well as anything of historical significance that may have been taking place at the time.
Lastly, your essay must contain a Works Cited page at the end that includes the story + two additional sources that you will seek out through your own research for a total of three individual sources. No websites like Schmoop, Sparknotes, Wikipedia, or Britannica will be accepted—meaning, websites including Schmoop/Sparknotes/Wikipedia/Britannica and any websites that are at all similar. You should not be seeking out sources that analyze or summarize the story for you. Those are not academic resources and thus not appropriate for academic work. I recommend you to use online databases to find your additional source. Your additional source should be thoroughly incorporated into your essay. Additionally, you must have in-text citations corresponding with each source.
This essay is to contain no first person pronouns––no I, me, my, etc. When stating your opinions, take authority in the paper and avoid phrases such as “In my opinion”, “I believe”, and other such qualifiers.
Assignments must be
Typed in 12pt times new roman font
1” margins all around
Every new paragraph indented
Submitted in a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf format
Contain a heading that includes: your name, my name, the name of the course, the due date of the assignment, and (centered below) the title of your essay
Have an appropriate file name that includes your name + the assignment.