In preparation for the Historical Impact Project, you need to compile a list of

In preparation for the Historical Impact Project, you need to compile a list of the resources that you will consult to complete the project. You do not need to have read them at this time, but you should start acquiring them in order to complete the project, which is due in Module 8. Your resources should fall into four categories:
The most important resources will be primary sources: If your project is on a specific book, this will be your main primary source, while if you selected an event your primary sources will be documents written at the time of the event that record what happened (books, journals, newspapers, etc.). You must review enough primary sources to have a good understanding of the event.
You must review primary or secondary sources that address the important events surrounding the event or writing, such as the political, religious, and economic background that would have impacted the event or the content of the writing.
You need to consult resources that discuss the impact of the writing or event on its time.
You need to consult resources that discuss the impact of the writing or event on later periods.
While this working bibliography does not need to be complete, it should include most of the works that you use for your final project. If this is not the case, then you will be marked down under this category for the final project.
Using the works you located for the Working Bibliography (and any others as needed or requested by the instructor), you will create a Historical Impact Project that identifies the historical place of a significant event or writing, the nature of the event or writing itself, and analyzes its impact on the world both in the immediate future and
Your project must have the following sections:
An introduction that describes the life and times in which the event took place or the document was written. (1 page)
This should be pertinent information, not just a summary of major events during the time. For example, if you are addressing a book on economics, you should describe the social and economic climate of the country in which the author lives.
Write a description of the event, including important people and documents involved or a summary of the work and a brief biography of the author. (3 pages)
Describe the immediate impact of the event or writing on the world. (1 page)
This should address its impact in the weeks and months following the event or publication of the work.
Trace the impact of this event or writing on later historical periods. (1-1.5 pages)
The impact can include your personal reflection on the topic, but it must also provide historical documentation to demonstrate its influence.
Criteria for Success
Your success on this assignment will require the following:
Your project is an essay and must be written in paragraph form with a section header distinguishing each of the sections listed above.
You must cite your sources throughout the document using footnotes. If you do not use footnotes then your paper will not be graded.
Your essay needs to be typed, double-spaced, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and conform to the Chicago Style Manual.
It must include a title page and updated bibliography, reflecting any additional works you consulted.
You need to proofread and edit your assignment before you submit it.