If possible, look for an organization similar to yours.

Select one of the following three articles. Each article outlines a technology or equipment investment, or another major investment decision. If possible, look for an organization similar to yours.
Is telehealth worth the investment?
UPMC Enterprises Commits 1b Investment Towards Life Sciences
Better Outcomes: The Deciding ROI For Community Hospitals’ Technology Investment
Imagine that you were advising your own organization about adopting one of the pieces of equipment or technology outlined in the article that you selected.
Write a 250–300-word memo describing the decision to your supervisor setting it up as a maximization problem. Describe the choice that you face in terms of your organization’s goals (utility function) and constraints. Recommend a course of action. Explain to your supervisor how your recommendation might change if the interest rate on borrowing changed (rose or fell). Note in your memo how this investment would affect the extent of risk diversification in your organization’s portfolio of activities.
Note that this assignment aligns to both the Evidence-based Management and Communication Red Threads.
Before submitting your homework assignment, be sure to review the guidelines and grading rubric.