*I have provided a sample essay.pdf and essay format.pdf as a guide to what I am

*I have provided a sample essay.pdf and essay format.pdf as a guide to what I am looking for.
** The service learning project focuses on progressing the fine-motor skills and socio-emotional development of preschool age children (3-5 years old) through an activity where these children will use their fingers to paint their emotions.
Details about the service- learning project can be found in Alt. Capstone Project Proposal.pdf
1. Introduction: 1 page: Organization – ASI Children’s Center (information included as pdfs.)
a. Description of Service-Learning Setting and Target Population
Provide an overview of your service-learning setting (e.g., mission/goals, brief history, organizational structure, services, etc.) and the target population the organization serves.
b. Identified Need in the Community
Describe the specific need at the fieldwork site that motivated the design and implementation of the service-learning project.
2. Project Methodology (3 pages) * These sections need sufficient detail to help readers understand how to recreate the work.
a. Project Design
Briefly overview your project and its goals.
b. Project Materials
Describe the materials you created for your project. (Project Materials.pdf)
You may consider using headings and sub-headings to organize descriptions of your materials.
c. Procedures for Project Implementation and Evaluation
Describe the procedures employed in implementing and evaluating your project.
3. Reflection (3 pages):The project is an alternative to actual field work which means it was not actually implemented.
a. Reflection on Project Implementation and Evaluation
Explain whether you accomplished your project aim and the desired outcomes/objectives – be sure to describe evidence to support your conclusions. Discuss any challenges and lessons learned when planning, implementing, and evaluating your project. Regardless of your project outcomes, describe the strengths and contributions of your project in serving the target population. What did you learn from your experiences implementing your project and working with the target population?
b. Reflection on Research and Theory
Recap the major themes regarding your topic from the literature you reviewed (Literature Review.pdf) as well as the theories that informed your project development. Explain how your experiences designing, implementing, and evaluating the project reflect the research and theories you reviewed.
c. Limitations and Future Directions
Describe at least two substantive limitations of your project. Describe the ways in which the project could be improved for future implementations. What would you have done differently?