I have attached a pdf of Highsmith’s themes & style which will be very helpful t

I have attached a pdf of Highsmith’s themes & style which will be very helpful to build the context of the the essay after picking a option from below.
Length: 7-8 pages format:MLA Sources: 5 or more academic sources
You must have a Works Cited page. This does not count as part of your minimum 7 pages.
PROMPT: For this essay, I would like you to focus on one of the options below:
Consider Guy and Bruno as characters, both singly and as a pair. How are they developed/presented over the course of the story, particularly through the third person point of view narrative that is both limited and omniscient at times. How do we, the readers, come to understand each character and experience their descent into mental and or moral instability. Their internal thought process is often on display for the reader; how does this affect our understanding of them and their experiences? You may additionally focus on the other characters as they reveal things about Guy and Bruno to the reader.
Strangers on a Train is a character study but it is also a thriller/suspense novel. How does this style of narrative impact the themes and or character development of the book?
Focus in specifically on the theme of gender, gender roles, and sexuality and the presentation of that theme in this book. Consider the context/time frame of the novel and the viewpoint of the author.
Or, as customary, what themes/comments about society do these stories reveal? How do you know? If you go this route, I’d recommend skipping mental health as a theme, as that is a significant theme and would likely require its own six-seven page essay. Themes you might explore include: duality, morality, obsession, fear, guilt, goodness, love/hate.
For either choice, definitely incorporate commentary on Highsmith’s writing style. As always, imagery and images, writing style and illustration style, tone of both the author and the passage, Highsmith’s choices in grammar, syntax & diction, character development, narrative perspective, are important.
You need to incorporate several items of research into your essay. This can include pieces of literary analysis, critical reviews, and interviews with the author. Use the research to support your own conclusions and to elaborate on the literary elements at work in the text. The work itself needs to be on your Works Cited page, but it does not count as research.
Avoid plot summary. You are writing for a reader who has already read these works. For an analysis, What happens in the text is often less important than Why it happens and How it happens. Try to avoid expressions like “In my opinion/experience” and “For me” or “Personally”– not because you experience isn’t valid, but because this work needs to be about the text. Include an introduction and a conclusion, but don’t go off on “Big Life Lesson” kicks; make it relevant to the text. The Conclusion should not just be a reiteration of the introduction. All essays for my class should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and follow propr MLA format.