I am writing a personal bio to be used before I speak on a panel on Design in Te

I am writing a personal bio to be used before I speak on a panel on Design in Technology. Please condense this so that it is under 195 words. If anything sounds out of place or too boring please let me know. I would really like this to sound professional, engaging, & concise. I included an example bio that I would like to emulate and what I currently have written.
EXAMPLE (to emulate):
“Lindsay McGuire thought she would grow up to be a newscaster and ended up a content marketer. She’s worked in diverse industries, including financial services, nonprofit, and tech, but content has been at the heart of every role she’s ever held.
When Lindsay moved to Indianapolis five years ago, she discovered the thriving tech universe here and knew she had to join it somehow. That dream came true when she joined the team at Formstack, a SaaS company headquartered in Fishers that helps more than 25,000 organizations digitize what matters through online forms, document generation, and eSignatures. As the Content Marketing Manager, she spends her days writing blog posts, editing content, and working on reports like the 2022 State of Digital Maturity. She’s also the host and producer of Formstack’s podcast Practically Genius.
Outside of her professional work, Lindsay loves to give back to her community through philanthropy and volunteerism. She is on the board of Junior League of Indianapolis and Circular Indiana, as well as a member of Impact 100. When she’s not busy with her one-year-old son, husband, and two dogs, she enjoys thrifting, eating at new restaurants, traveling, and reading cooking magazines.”
“Eliza is passionate about the convergence of technology, psychology and art that produces human-centered design. In 2017 Eliza began her journey in the tech industry as a freelance photographer, then evolving into a marketing specialist, and ultimately landing in her current career in UI/UX design. Through her 4.5 years of experience, she now recognizes and appreciates the similarities between her past in digital marketing and her present role in product design.
Eliza currently works at Alleo, a cloud-based meeting software company based in Carmel, IN. At Alleo, she spends her time designing the product interface to fit the needs of over 10,000 trained users at organizations like the US Department of Defense, P&G, and AT&T. She finds the fast pace nature of the tech industry exhilarating and thrives on innovative thinking. She loves working with her energetic team and especially enjoys working with Alleo’s two Xterns!
Her goal is to assist entrepreneurs, innovators, and community leaders to bring their ideas to fruition through creativity and informed design decisions.
As a recent college graduate, Eliza is intentional in continuing to learn. She is currently working alongside IUPUI’s SOIC staff and students on a paper on Artificial Intelligence in Educational Technology that will be presented globally this year. On the lighter side of things, Eliza enjoys traveling, fitness, coffee shops, volunteering, & spending time her dog!”