GENERAL CRITERIA: • Length: 2-3 page

• Length: 2-3 pages (double spaced using standard 1” margins)
• Font/Layout/Content: Use a 12-point “Times New Roman” font. It should be justified left,
but paragraphs should start with standard indents. In addition, pay careful attention to the
specific requirements below to make sure you have addressed them all (including the next
• Acceptable File Types: .docx (MS Word – Preferred), PDF, Text file (Blackboard Text
• File Submission: After you have completed and proofread your review, you will need to
upload the file in the Blackboard “Concert Review” assignment. Regardless of which
software you use to write your review, it should be properly formatted and submitted as one
of the file types I specified.
1. First, type the following at the top left corner of the page:
Your Name
MUSC 110
Concert Review
2. Next, two spaces below, centered horizontally and in bold, type a title for your review,
followed by the date of the concert video you are watching and writing about (the date is
specified in YouTube just below the video window). A single space below that in plain
text (not bold), centered horizontally, type the name of the performing ensemble (this is
specified in the information I provided below each video link) – see example below.
A Night of Beethoven – October 2, 20XX
The MC Orchestra
Updated 5/30/2022
3. Finally, two spaces below, write your review by clearly addressing each of the following
items in a separate paragraph (Do not put the bullet points or the questions themselves
in your review and remember that spelling, grammar, and proper terminology – e.g., a
symphony is a “work” not a “song” – do count towards your grade):
• Describe the concert venue and environment (e.g., red carpet, ornate lighting, modern wall
panels, excitement in the air, etc.).
• What was the ensemble makeup of the performance (e.g., for small groups – one to five
players – list the instruments and/or voices, for larger ensembles, specify the type of
ensemble – e.g., orchestra, chorus and orchestra, soloist and orchestra).
• Which musical work was your most favorite and why*
? Be sure to identify the
composer, title of work, specific movement+ (where applicable), and style period
(Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Contemporary) in your
• Which musical work was your least favorite and why*
? Be sure to identify the
composer, title of work, specific movement+ (where applicable), and style period in your
answer. (Least favorite does not have to mean you did not like it. It is just your least
favorite, and you MUST include one. You cannot say you equally liked all the pieces.
You have to decide.).
• Elaborate on one other musical work/movement from the performance* (i.e., likes,
dislikes, interesting or unusual things, etc.). Again, be sure to identify the composer,
title of work, specific movement+ (where applicable), and style period in your answer.
• Describe your response to the concert. What did you like and/or dislike?
Would you consider attending a classical concert in the future?
• Briefly comment on how this course has helped you to better appreciate the art of listening
to music.
* Use musical elements in your explanation – i.e., melody, rhythm, tempo, harmony, instrumentation,
dynamics, timbre, etc. For example: “I loved the colorful melody on the oboe”, “The harmony was
so evocative”, “The dynamic levels of the introduction were so soft that I could hardly hear
anything”, etc.
+ If a piece has movements you need to specify which one (i.e., you cannot just say a multi-movement
work was your favorite, unusual, etc. – you need to specify which movement. For example, you
might say your favorite piece was Beethoven Symphony No.5, 4th movement, and that your least
favorite piece was Beethoven Symphony No. 5, 2nd movement, etc.