· What is th
· What is the purpose of the ad? (is it a new or well-known product? To establish a new product on the market and raise awareness of the brand, to increase sales, to improve image, to change the image, rebranding….Does the ad sell an idea? Is it to raise awareness of an issue? Is it to create a certain identity for the company?)
· Analyse: rhetorical situation used in the ad
· What values, beliefs or attitudes does the ad represent?
· How is this supported by the narrative and by the visual elements? Which colors are used, and what do they stand for?
· How is ethos, logos and pathos applied?
· Ethos: how does the company establish credibility and get the audience to like them or to trust them?
· Logos: do they use logical arguments or do they use a logical fallacy? Research on Google the most common logical fallacies used in ads and check which one is used in your ad.
· Pathos: which emotions are evoked and how?
· What audience is targeted by the ad? How do you identify this?
· Is there a similar competing product? Does it target the same values, beliefs, attitudes and audiences?
· Is the ad culturally specific or culturally generic? Explain.
Needs & Motivation: What level of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy is the product or service designed to satisfy? Does that need level as advertised differ from the actual product or service? Often a slogan will do this, the emotional elements of the advert will do this.
Bullet points and very brief straight to the point.