HR Challenge 331: (PPT) Presenting the Challenges of Employee Engagement in Heal

Challenge 331: (PPT) Presenting the Challenges of Employee Engagement in Health
Overview: 4 pages (1,100 words)
At least 3 SCHOLARLY sources from peer-reviewed journal. (Any listed sources
can be used.)
APA6. (Any of the listed sources can be used.)
Prepare a PowerPoint
presentation of up to 12 slides addressing the challenges of employee
engagement with interdisciplinary care teams for leadership at Vila Health.
In this assessment, you
will present the challenges of employee engagement on organizational
performance to Vila Health’s executive leadership, based on the scenario in the
HRM health care challenge.
Health Care Challenge
§ Vila
Health’s leadership team has asked for your insights about how the organization
can cultivate a culture that supports high-quality performance and engagement
across disciplines. As its HRM strategic business partner, it’s your
opportunity to educate the company about the causal relationship between
organizational culture, employee engagement, and patient outcomes, and offer
best practices on the following topics: interdisciplinary care team
effectiveness, improving employee engagement, supporting employee health,
wellness, and resiliency through strategic HRM programs. Naturally, the leaders
are concerned about costs, so it will be important to make connections between
programs and their impact on patient outcomes and the hospital’s bottom line.
Remember, many best practices don’t cost anything!
o In
a PowerPoint presentation to Vila Health’s executive leadership, include the
§ Describe
the interdisciplinary challenges faced by health care professionals.
While the Vila Health
simulations in the resources provided some examples, describe other challenges
that executive leaders need to be aware of.
§ Analyze
best practices to mediate conflict, build engagement, and support health and
wellness in health care.
How does building
engagement and supporting health and wellness prevent employees from seeking
§ Assess
how best practices impact employee wellness, patient outcomes, and
organizational performance.
Consider how best
practices would impact patient outcomes and lower operational costs. Actual
costs are not appropriate at this time during a strategic presentation with
Recommend HR
practices to create a culture of high performance and engagement.