How to improve the report: If you want to revise and resubmit for a higher grade

How to improve the report:
If you want to revise and resubmit for a higher grade, here are some areas that you can go above and beyond the requirements (also see the rubric for specific areas to focus):
– for each of the AWS services that you learned in this project, talk more in depth about how BallotOnline can benefit from using that. For example, how can they use AutoScaling or Load Balancer or CloudWatch?
– I don’t know if you can still do this, but go above and beyond during the lab, for example, instead of having the ELB linked to just two EC2 instance, try adding a third EC2 instance. Then talk about it in your report. Do other things extra in other part of the labs. Several of the grading rubric that relate directly to the lab, students should go above and beyond the lab instructions to earn “Exceed Requirements”.
– Add some discussion on how all of this come together. You have learned about the power of cloud computing in providing scalability and elasticity. Tie those up together with the different services you learned here. You want to explain again the benefit of cloud computing, except this time, you have specific AWS services that you can mention to support your explanation about cloud computing.
– Try to also talk about other AWS (or Azure or GCP) services that are not discussed in this project. There are new services being introduced all the time. This relate to one of the competency about emerging technologies. I want to see that students are able to look up new cloud offerings and understand how that emerging technology can help businesses.
– Talk about how the cloud can help BallotOnline with their disaster recovery/business continuity planning.
Again, you have met the assignment requirements. Good work.