Hi, I would like to the topic if my essay tpo be about my abusive family and how

Hi, I would like to the topic if my essay tpo be about my abusive family and how dealing with them has taughts lessons critcal to my success in life so far. Achievements; I have been working a job since I was 17, working at least 50 hours a week since then. I am 23 years old and I graduated college and most importasntly complete provide for myself. At an age where both my parents werte living in their parents homes, i have been handling my life in such a fasion to build and protect my peace and success. Lessons; My mother taught me that being selfish and priortizing yourself before others is healthy and necceasry to securing your success in life. She did this by emotional manpiulating whenever I tried to make sensible moves to better myself. ( I wanted to take and gap year before going to college to save up for college: She had several mental breakdowns threating to kill herself if I didnt go immedaitely to college for a week straight). My Step father taught me stoicism, his emotions of frustration in his life manifested as physical, and verbal abuse on multiple occasions. In an yearn toi control things he can’t ( me getting bad grades = chocking me out until i Black out). My other sister taught me the importanence of preparation. My mom forced her into being a child model but never got my sister once preparation fualed by my sister own self motivation. Pushing my sister into a cycle of self sabotage with every big opportunity in modeling. For never journaled and organized her mind to figure out if she wanted to modeling for herself. ( she won a modeling show , the prize was a year contact with a major international makeup company. She loss the contract because she showed up to one of the shows in very loose and inapproiate clothing).