Global Cultures Remix: You Create It Objective Better understand the creative pr

Global Cultures Remix: You Create It
Better understand the creative process and why people create by crafting an original work that reflects upon and/or reacts to the expression of eras discussed in Unit 4.
Student Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate an awareness of the creative process and why humans create
Articulate how works in the arts and humanities express the values of the individual and society within a historical and social context
Develop effective oral communication skills
Develop the ability to analyze and synthesize a broad range of material
Compare and evaluate the different value systems, ideologies, national interests, and practices of various cultures
Assignment Guidelines
1. Understand the eras and their artifacts
Examine closely how the works of these eras are expressing ideas and values, looking at the skills, techniques, and strategies these works use to appeal to their audiences.
Understand the contexts and causes of the eras so that you get a better feel for the cultural mindset.
Use your understanding as inspiration. How can you recreate/rearticulate a past era’s expression with contemporary values and influences in mind (use their methods to express our world)? Or how can you absorb the multiple histories and contexts of the eras in question and articulate expression/significance in new way (use a new methods to express their world)?
2. Create
Create an original work using one of the suggested formats (on the back of this sheet).
As long as you’re addressing what was learned in Unit 4, you’re free to choose a creative format and incorporate as much or as little of your personal style as you’d like.
You may propose additional (not provided by me) remix ideas, but the idea must be approved by me.
Be prepared to share your methodology as part of your You Create It Presentation.
3. Present
Share your inspirations, an explanation of your methodology, and your work’s expression and purposewith the class in a 3 to 5 minute video presentation.
You do need to show, play, or demonstrate your work for us, and you do need to ensure that you cover all four areas of the creative process in your presentation (underlined above).
Grading scale (this remix is worth 10 points, and it will be graded on how well it meets the assignment criteria):
A range (9-10 points): The form and content of the remix are exemplary. The creative work is thoughtful and analytical, and it expands on ideas presented in the course in an insightful way. There is careful attention paid to the expression and significance of the era of inspiration, the methodology was clear and purposeful, and the remix’s reflection/reaction is complex and insightful.
B range (8-8.75 points): This remix’s form and content are clear and appropriate. The creative work shows comprehension of ideas presented in the course and demonstrates critical thinking. There is some attention paid to the expression and significance of the era of inspiration, and the methodology is comprehensible, but the remix needs a greater degree of complexity and insight to reach the A range.
C range or lower (0-7.75 points): This remix has some of the basic components required for the assignment, but there are areas that lack the level of clarity and critical thinking one would find in creative works assessed at higher grade-ranges. For example, this remix may be poorly or hastily composed, its methodology may be missing or unclear, or it may be missing insightful exploration of the era of inspiration’s expression and significance.
**********Unit 4 context lectures:
-Dark Ages & Charlemagne Context Lecture – YouTube
-High Middle Ages Context Lecture – YouTube
-14th Century Context Lecture – YouTube
-Early Renaissance Context Lecture – YouTube