FORMAT Create a 15-page PPT slide with a 10 – 15 minutes voice summary(you can p

Create a 15-page PPT slide with a 10 – 15 minutes voice summary(you can provide a writing summary of the slide that will fill in for the 10 minutes summary.).
Make sure to label any images, charts, graphs, etc.
Include enough info on the slides but do not compress too much info on one slide.
Cite each sentence, paragraph, slide, etc.
Include notes as much as possible.
Be creative.
Speak clearly when summarizing your slides and do not speak too fast.
A rubric will be used and grading will be stricter than your previous 2 assignments.
The cover and reference pages are NOT part of the 15 pages.
Include the CC logo.
Check for grammar, spelling errors.
APA format.
You have 6 weeks to get your final exam completed. Plan ahead, no late final exam accepted.
Post on Final Exam PPT folder.
1] Refer to your week 9 midterm paper and draw from some of the information there on the periods from 1900 – 1945 and how that period may have contributed to some of the pressing world challenges that we have today. The paper is in the attachment
2] Why was the period after WWII was known as the Origins of Human Rights?
3] Select a region, country, or nation with 21st-century challenges and the role in which the UN has played, can play, should play in maintaining peace in that region, country, or nation.
4] Discuss the role of the United Nations in promoting peace / Human Rights. Why or why not do you think that permanent peace is or is not possible given the world that we live in today?
5] Use both in-text citation as well as a separate work cited or reference page.
1] Check both the course material page and BB discussion threads for additional resources in addition to your own independent research for references outside of what I have posted on BB.
2] The Secret to World Peace –
3] Is a Permanent Peace and Possible?
4] War, Genocide and the Origins of Human Rights:
5] A War to Prevent War:
6] Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
7] UN Charter:
8] The Rise and Fall of the Responsibility to Protect: How the World Works and Sometimes Does not: The Rise and Fall of The Responsibility to Protect –
9] ALAPO-Globalization-Reading-List-Spring-2022-2 (1).pdf