For Unit 7, you will submit your final PowerPoint and add the following addition

For Unit 7, you will submit your final PowerPoint and add the following additional slides:
Choose an Evaluation and Management Code, such as 99215
Provide the Description and Key Components
In the speaker notes, explain what is required in HPI, ROS, Exam, and MDM to meet the Key Components
For example: 99215 requires the physician to meet 2 of 3 Key Components. A comprehensive history includes XYZ, a comprehensive exam includes XYZ, and MDM needs to include XYZ.
We covered this information in detail (hint, use the E/M audit sheets).
DO NOT use the 2021 guidelines.
Use the Word Documents you have submitted during from Units 1-5 for your PowerPoint Slides
Write detailed speaker notes in the NOTES sections of each slide (exception: title, section header, and reference slides). DO NOT include this information on the slides themselves. The Speaker Notes are being used in place of audio narration.
Speaker Notes should be at least 300 words
How to add Speaker Notes
Slide 1 – Title Page
Slide 2 – Section Header Slide (System #1)
Slide 3 – Anatomy and Physiology (System #1)
Slide 4 – Share Pathology (System #1)
Slide 5 – Share the ICD-10-CM (System #1)
Slide 6 – Share the ICD-10-PCS (System #1)
Slide 7 – Share the CPT (System #1)
Slide 8 – Section Header Slide (System #2)
Slide 9 – Anatomy and Physiology (System #2)
Slide 10 – Share Pathology (System #2)
Slide 11 – Share the ICD-10-CM (System #2)
Slide 12 – Share the ICD-10-PCS (System #2)
Slide 13 – Share the CPT (System #2)
Slide 14 – Section Header Slide (Evaluation and Management)
Slide 15 – Provide your E/M code and description
Slide 16 – References
You may need more than one slide for references
Make sure your references are in APA format