For this assignment, you will create a parenting brief focusing on how parents c

For this assignment, you will create a parenting brief focusing on how parents can support their child’s development at a specific stage (infancy/toddlerhood; early childhood; school-aged; adolescence) and in a specific domain (physical, cognitive, and socioemotional).
Students will then write a paper (3-5 pages) of appropriate parenting techniques/guidelines for that stage and domain.
• Papers must be 3-5 pages long
• Formatting (title page, in-text citations, and references) should adhere to APA 6 style guidelines; you do not need an abstract
• Writing should be thoroughly proofread, clear, and concise.
• The intended “audience” of this paper is parents (you might decide to use it yourself one day or share it with a family member or friend!). This means that the concepts you discuss should be clear and understandable by someone who is not a child development major; this does not mean that your tone should be informal (slang, casual writing, abbreviations, etc.)
All papers must include:
• Title page (APA 6)
• Introduction:
o Introduce parenting as a developmental role (what does this mean?)
o Identify common themes/trends in parenting across stages
o Discuss key milestones/features within the domain of your assigned stage
o Acknowledge overarching theories that relate to the body of your paper
• Body
o Include specific tips/strategies/techniques for parents to support the development of their child(ren); make sure that they are developmentally appropriate for your assigned stage and domain
o Remember, the audience of this paper is parents (they may not have the terminology that you have learned from your coursework); it is especially useful to describe/explain the strategies and provide examples
o All tips/strategies/techniques must be evidenced-based (supported by research); you may use your textbook and a minimum of three additional references (see below References page); Do not cite lectures!
• Conclusion
o What are the key takeaways/implications for parents?
o Revisit your theoretical connections/support
• References page (APA) 6
o It is strongly recommended that you use your textbook
o In addition, you must include three other references (not counting your textbook – definitely include your text, it just doesn’t count as one of your references!) of “good” parenting practices that are research/evidence-based.