For this assignment you will be reflecting on your service-learning & civic enga

For this assignment you will be reflecting on your service-learning & civic engagement experience, making explicit connections between your experience and the concepts of the course. The purpose of the three-part journal is to give you the opportunity to intentionally reflect on and integrate your service-learning & civic engagement experiences with your academic learning.
To do this effectively, you must be careful to differentiate between three kinds of responses: objective, personal, and analytical. Each three-part journal should be double-spaced and dated. There is no required length, but most students will need at least one-page to develop each of the three parts discussed below. You will need to write a journal entry at the end of each week. You will turn this in three times during the semester. Your journal should be one document that grows cumulatively over the semester so that, at the end of the course, all of your journal entries are in one Word document. Each entry should include the following three parts:
Describe (Objective): Standard font
An objective, detailed description of what you did as a volunteer. Your description should be organized into weekly segments.
Examine (Personal): Bold Font
A personal response to your volunteer experience, including feelings, thoughts, judgments, and what you learned about yourself and your assumptions from what you did and how you reacted. This section is particularly concerned with the discoveries you make about yourself and your attitudes toward other people you encounter in the course of your project.
Articulate Learning (Analytic): Italics font
A discussion of the volunteer experience in terms of concepts and themes explored in class readings and class discussions. This section should contain NO narrative (section 1) and very little subjective reaction (section 2). Instead, it should demonstrate your ability to make connections between your project experiences and the concepts identified and discussed in the course texts. To do this you can speak to ways in which your site appears to utilize, ignore, and/or address the concepts of the course identified in the course texts. You may also agree or disagree with what the authors in the course texts say and agree or disagree with the approaches you observe at your site but to do this you will need to cite the authors, the concepts they discuss and give a reasoned account as to why you are making your particular claim. You do not need to provide a reference list for the authors you cite. Just cite the authors in your entry following the APA in-text citation guide. Which is essential: Author (year). For example, I have found McIntosh’s (1989) idea of privilege to be…
My service is Ted Translator. That is what you will make the. journal entry. about and the course is Leadership and Services which you will talk about and incorporate.