For this assignment, I will give you a historical scientist who has not given en

For this assignment, I will give you a historical scientist who has not given enough credit for their work and talk about their actual impact. talk about their influence in stem and how they weren’t given enough credit and what their overall impact in 3-4 pages
Thoroughly summarizes the media (movie/podcast/etc) including all relevant details
Thoroughly reflects on the personal impact of this media. Includes connection to your experiences or to experiences of those around you. Includes concrete example of one thing you liked or appreciated in the piece and one thing you didn’t
Thoroughly analyze, evaluate, and/or compares and contrasts the media in depth. Including its wider societal context and relevance.
The person I have selected is Lise Meitner
Quick background on Lisa Her impact on Nuclear Fission
Without Lise Meitner’s contributions to science, we wouldn’t have nuclear power or the atomic bomb. But you’ve probably never heard her name because sexism and racism kept Meitner’s name off the Nobel Prize.
Meitner collaborated for more than 30 years with chemist Otto Hahn, whose experiments made nuclear fission a reality. But it was Meitner, not Hahn, who figured out how nuclear fission works. Unfortunately, as a Jew in the early 20th century, Meitner didn’t want her name on the paper. Later, when their work was up for a Nobel consideration, a Nobel committee member actively and successfully kept her name off the prize. Only Hahn is recognized for the discovery of nuclear fission, even though the war had already ended and Nazi Germany was no more.
I have attached the instructions for the assignment as well.
The source i want you to use are two articles and one video.
The video will be the main source: