Flim choice 12 years a Slave Prompt For this film study, imagine that you are a

Flim choice 12 years a Slave
For this film study, imagine that you are a cultural anthropologist. Instead of observing real
people in the real world, you will observe the actions and cultural
practices of the characters in a
chosen film. As you watch the film, pay attention to the cultural values and norms that you observe.
You will also choose three
anthropological concepts and explore how each concept influences the
behavior of the characters. Finally, you will reflect on how this exercise has led you to
think more
deeply about other cultures, as well as your own. Remember, as a cultural anthropologist, you are an objective observer. Therefore, it is important to
use the basic principles of cultural relativism as you
write about the cultures and subcultures that you observe in the film.
Milestone One: Setting the Stage , you will submit your choice of film which is 12 years a Slave and
three concepts. While your choice of concepts can change, your film choice cannot change after
submitting this assignment.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Cultural Relativism: Throughout the course you have practiced using cultural relativism. In the
entirety of your film study, you must do the following:
A. Use respectful language throughout the film study when describing your observations of
characters’ behaviors and their cultures.
B. Avoid making judgments about the characters based on your own beliefs or cultural norms.
C. Remain objective when comparing and contrasting cultures, and avoid saying that one culture is
better than another.
II. Introduction: In this section of your film study, you will introduce the film and the three
anthropological concepts that you selected.
A. Provide the title and a brief synopsis of the film that you chose to examine.
B. Develop a clear
thesis statement that identifies the three anthropological concepts that you chose to examine in the
III. Culture: In this section of your film study, you will address how culture is represented in the film.
A. Describe two cultures that are represented in the film. You may also concentrate on subcultures
B. Identify the cultural norms and values that you observed for each of those two cultures, and
provide examples from the film to support your
C. Explain the similarities and differences that you observed between these cultures.
D. Describe a scene in which a cultural difference exists between characters and explain how that cultural
difference affected
their interaction.