First Paragraph: Mars Perseverance Rover. Helpful Reference for Mars Perseveranc

First Paragraph: Mars Perseverance Rover.
Helpful Reference for Mars Perseverance
Rover: (from
9:49 to 16:47):
Key information to include:
•The Mars Perseverance Rover will be
studying the Jezero Crater on Mars. Why is
Jerezo Crater a very interesting place to
•How old is the river delta in Jezero Crater?
•In the past, when water was present in
Mars, what do scientists think Jezero Crater
used to be?
•What type of life are scientists searching for
in Jezero Crater?
•What types of rocks will the Perseverance
Rover look for in Mars?
•What are Stromatolites? How are they
• Another type of rock the Perseverance
Rover will look for in Mars is Chert Rock.
What is the black stuff seen on Chert Rock
on Earth?
Second Paragraph: Mars Sample Return.
Helpful References for Mars Sample Return: (from
38:22 to 44:12): (from 1:12
to end): (from
0:17 to end):
Key information to include:
The Mars Perseverance Rover will take
samples of rocks from Mars and store them
in sample tubes. Unfortunately, the Mars
Perseverance Rover is not able to analyze
these samples to determine if there is/was
microbial life on Mars. The goal of the Mars
Sample Return Mission is to bring the
samples collected by the Perseverance
Rover back to Earth so that scientists can
analyze these sample in detail on Earth.
•Describe the main steps involved in the
Mars Sample Return Mission, from collecting
the samples on Mars, to bringing the
samples back to the Earth.