Final Paper Part I Observation of child (ages birth-12 yrs.). The child can be

Final Paper
Part I Observation of child (ages birth-12 yrs.).
The child can be a family member (can’t be your own child), friend, or relative. Please explain the purpose of the observation to the child’s caretaker beforehand and obtain permission before beginning your observation.
One of several alternatives:
You can watch “Home Alone”, “I Am Sam”, “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, or “Room”.
It is recommended that you observe the child for a minimum of 45 minutes. If possible, observe the child interacting w/other children, friends or family members, as this will be more informative.
You can speak with the child’s caregiver to gather basic demographic information (age, ethnicity, SES status, educational level of parents, # of siblings, if the child attends school, parent occupation, etc.) and additional information on the child’s functioning.
Based on your observations, you will analyze the child’s cognitive, social and emotional development, using three theories discussed in class (lecture or text).
Part II You will then write up your observations and analysis (4-5 pages, double spaced, 12 point font).
It is recommended that you use 1⁄2 page for basic demographic information
One page for each of the three theory-based analyses
Make sure to briefly describe each theory (one paragraph) before launching into your analysis. Also remember to support your analysis with specific observations.
Assignments must be TYPED, 12-point font, DOUBLE SPACED.
Late assignments will be accepted at the discretion of the professor and points will be deducted if accepted.
Please spell-check and proofread your assignments before submitting them.
All written assignments are graded according to the following rubric:
75% Thoughtful application of class/textual material to the topic
10% Clarity and organization
15% Spelling and grammar