File Needed: PresentationDelivery-03.pptx (Available from the Start File link.)

File Needed: PresentationDelivery-03.pptx (Available from the Start File link.)
Completed Project File Name: [First Name.Last Name]-PresentationDelivery-03.pptx
Skills Covered in This Project
Apply a background picture fill.
Apply animation and effect options.
Create and print notes pages.
Hide and reveal slides.
Rehearse a presentation and save timings.
Use Presenter View.
Use ink annotation pens.
Open the PresentationDelivery-03 start file. Click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the presentation so you can modify it.
The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
Apply the Fade transition with the Smoothly effect option. Change the Duration to 01.00. Click Apply To All.
Apply animation on five slides and change effect options, start, and duration settings as listed in Table 3-12. Some of these settings will appear by default.
Table 3-12
This table provides animation settings (animation effect, effect options, start, and duration) for objects on different slides.
Slide Object Animation Effect Effect Options Start Duration
2 Text “You get only one…” Bounce (Entrance) As One Object After Previous 02:00
5 Butterfly Image Grown & Turn (Entrance) None After Previous 02:00
7 Graphic Wipe (Entrance) From Left After Previous 02:50
11 Text “Make it memorable” Bounce (Entrance) As One Object After Previous 02:00
12 Success Shape Grow/Shrink (Emphasis) Both, Larger After Previous 02:50
Prepare speaker notes on two slides. In the notes for slide 9, apply bullets and indent the bulleted text. NOTE: To insert an em dash type — (2x dash) (Figure 3-94):
This table lists text to be typed in a Slide 2
Slide 2:
• Never underestimate the importance of a first impression
• If possible, welcome people as they arrive for your presentation
This table lists text to be typed in a Slide 9
Slide 9:
• Be careful with how you use humor
• Use humor only if it is appropriate
• Avoid jokes—you could unintentionally offend someone
Slide 9:
• Humor works best when it fits the presentation and seems natural
• Break the ice
• Be yourself; be real
• Make your audience feel comfortable
• Choose stories or examples from your own experience
Figure 3-94 Speaker notes with bullets and indents
Print notes pages for slides 5, 6, and 7. IMPORTANT: Complete this step only if directed to do so by your instructor.
Hide slide 8.
Review the presentation to check transitions and animations.
Select the Transitions tab and deselect On Mouse Click.
Change After to 00:03.00 seconds.
Click Apply To All.
Start your slide show from the beginning and review all slide movements.
Use Presenter View to review your presentation.
Deselect Use Timings [Slide Show tab, Set Up group] so you can advance through the slides at your own pace.
Select Use Presenter View if not already selected.
Begin the presentation. If you have one monitor, right-click and select Show Presenter View.
Navigate through slides using the Advance to the next animation or slide and Return to the previous animation or slide buttons.
Click the See all slides button and click thumbnails to move to different slides.
Use Presenter View to add annotations on the following slides using the Pen with Blue ink. If you are not satisfied with your markings, then use the Eraser to remove them and try again.
Slide 2: Circle the words “Be professional.”
Slide 4: Draw a rectangle around the words “Eye Contact” and “Smile” (Figure 3-95).
Figure 3-95 Presenter View showing ink annotations
Slide 7: Circle the words “Avoid monotone.”
Slide 10: Circle “End on time.”
Click Keep at the end of the presentation to save annotations.
IMPORTANT: When you are finished with this project, your presentation should contain 12 slides. If it does not, your project will not grade properly and you may lose a significant number of points. Check your work carefully.
Save and close your presentation (Figure 3-96)
PLease note attachment Dayana.Hernandez-PresentationDelivery-03.pptx is what needs to edited and completed and attachment PP2019-IndependentProject-3-5-solution.pdf is just an example of what the finished project should look like