Facts: Ronald Krump was running for governor but lost the election to Moe Diden.

Ronald Krump was running for governor but lost the election to Moe Diden. In a heated tantrum he went on a crime-spree. First, he drove to Diden’s house, which was empty because Moe was out celebrating his victory. Krump noticed a tanning bed (worth $1,000) on the side of Diden’s house and dragged it into his Ford Pick-up truck. Noticing that the house was empty, he broke a window and climbed in intending to steal some antique jewelry worth $500,000. Once inside, he came across hair products and decided to take them all, as he requires a-lot of hairspray to keep his hair in place. After grabbing the jewelry and the hair products, he jumped into his truck and drove to a 24-hour golf course, where he ran into Tike Dense, a former running-mate whom he blamed for the loss of his election. Krump grabbed a golf club, approached Tike, and said, “Give me all of your golf clubs or I will shove this down your throat”. Scared for his life, Tike gave him his golf clubs, and Krump drove home. The police were already at Krump’s house talking to his wife, Delania Krump. The officers saw Krump’s pick-up, drew their guns, ordering him to stop and get out of the vehicle with his hands up. Realizing that his tantrum had come to an end, he surrendered. As he was being handcuffed, he yelled at Delania, ordering her to call his attorney, Moody Puliani. However, Delania was so excited at the thought of sleeping in a bed that was not stained with orange residue, that she ignored his request, went inside, locked the door, and never thought about Ronald again.
Assignment Statement:
Review the facts carefully and identify the possible crimes that Mr. Krump can be charged with. You will be drafting an entire Interoffice Memorandum of Law, which will be due in Unit IV for just ONE crime. However, for this Unit, you will research Florida’s Penal Code, identify the specific statute that Mr. Krump will be charged with and summarize the key elements from that statute.
Assignment Grading Criteria:
Provide a properly formatted citation to the Florida statute you selected.
Draft a concise summary of the elements that must be proven for Mr. Krump to be found guilty of that crime.

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