Evidence Based Practices to Promote Inclusion Research Paper (discipline based t

Evidence Based Practices to Promote Inclusion Research Paper (discipline based topic: what is inclusion?)
Students will conduct an informal research inquiry to answer the question posed in the title of this activity. Research inclusion but relate it to a disability category (I chose Autism).
1. Locate at least 3 research articles published within the last 20 years, related to K-12 students with disabilities in an education setting.
2. Interview a teacher to develop a better understanding of benefits and challenges of inclusion for students in a given disability category.
3. Students will discuss whether their research findings were being implemented in the classrooms and potential barriers or facilitators to implementing the evidence-based practices in the inclusion setting.
Paper should be 5 pages long, using 3 research references that follow the above guidelines, formatted using APA 7th edition with works citied page attached at the end.
*if the person writing this is having trouble researching autism you can scratch that and do any disability you think will make writing the paper easier. same thing for if you cannot find a teacher to interview you I can do it myself or just try to answer the questions with common sense and to the best of your knowledge and I will do the necessary edits. Thank you.