Ethical Case Study – pair Assignment (CACREP: F1i, j, m) Making decisions are a

Ethical Case Study – pair Assignment (CACREP: F1i, j, m)
Making decisions are a critical part of being a counselor. With the array of issues, you will be presented with many legal and ethical situations that you will need to come to some resolution about in your profession. Therefore, to aid you in this you will do the following assignment.
The purpose of this assignment serves as an opportunity to engage you in critically analyzing the ethical dilemma and creating an appropriate ethical decision making plan to respond to the ethical situation.
Description of the Assignment. For this assignment you will be presented with an ethical case study. In reviewing the case, you will write a 6-8 page APA-formatted paper where you implement the Ethical Decision Making Model offered by Forester-Miller and Davis (1996) (as that is the one that has been endorsed by the American Counseling Association or the American School Counselor Association). You will find a review of this and other decision making models in the textbook, your lecture notes, and in the current counseling literature.
Written assignment must be based upon program of study (e.g. confidentiality in schools, confidentiality in mental health setting). Students in the same program of study may not do the same topic.
In following the model, discuss what actions you would take as you proceed through the steps (FYI: in step 3, be sure to find four peer referred counseling articles from the counseling literature that address the case’s topics and what these sources conclude). Throughout the paper, be sure to document and defend your courses of action and your final conclusions.
An excellent paper should have:
An introduction,
A format that follows the headers suggested by the ethical decision making
Reference page.
Each of the steps should take at least a paragraph (or more) to address.
Teams are to clearly identify:
What do you believe the dilemma to be
The proposed action you would take in this case (what team members believe
are the most ethical actions)
The justification for your proposed action(s)
A description of the decision-making model used to arrive at that decision
The decision-making model should be one that has been discussed in in this course and team members are to offer a rationale regarding why they chosen to apply that model to the case study.
Teams should cite appropriate literature and must give proper credit to the authors of
any decision-making models used to analyze the case. Team members are to cite any sections of the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics (and may include other ethical guidelines) that they considered.
The case study is uploaded “Working With an Immigrant Family”