Essay Assignment: Names and Culture Names reflect culture at many levels–from l

Essay Assignment: Names and Culture
Names reflect culture at many levels–from larger name trends at the societal level to a family’s choice at the micro level. An acquaintance once told me he’d found a name for his newborn son by looking through the obituaries, explaining, “well, that guy didn’t need the name anymore.” Though it seemed somewhat irreverent and may be an uncommon way to name a child, it nonetheless reflects American norms of individualism and the lack of widely shared practices of baby naming across US society at large as compared to some other countries.
For this essay, your assignment is to reflect on and describe naming norms within your own culture and family. You might address (as relevant to your situation) how your given and family names came to be; whether names tend to indicate gender; membership (such as in a particular family, clan, or other group); birth order or relationship to other individuals in the family; where you were born or the ancestral home of the family; a special day, season, or event near your birth; or some other meaning or reference. Can a person’s name change during their life? (if so, what event or circumstances would prompt a name change?)
Important: Use material from Conley throughout your essay to help explain how your observations about names reflect aspects of culture. Be sure to cite appropriately–refer back to the video clips on citation linked under my picture on the course home page, as needed. Plagiarism (not crediting the sources of your ideas), even if unintentional, will not be accepted.
The finished essay should be about 500 words, double-spaced; due in the Assignment Dropbox by the deadline indicated in the Calendar. This should be a cohesive essay, meaning an introduction and conclusion, full sentences and paragraphs, no bullet points. Follow all requirements for written work in the syllabus, including proofreading to be sure your work is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Be sure to save your essay in one of the accepted file formats: .docx, .pdf, or .rtf.