ENGL 009 Infographic Case Study The Infographic case study is intended to help y

ENGL 009 Infographic Case Study
The Infographic case study is intended to help you create a technical document aimed at a particular audience group. As you work through your assignment, please read through the Background and Document 11.1. To complete your assignment, you should follow the directions on page two (2) of the case study.
Once you start designing the document, use a US Dept. of Education logo since USNEI falls under their jurisdiction. Use your best judgment on how to align it to the document. You also have creative control of images you decide to employ. Think of it as a flyer you’d like to interact with. As a technical writer, you have to make executive decisions about the language, the content, and how you place it on the page. Given what you will read in chapter 11, you will need to take special care in understanding alignment, contrast, and background screens to help emphasize important information.
Instead of “writing a memo to Sonia Reynard,” you will write a one-to-one-1⁄2 page MLA formatted response. You will describe the design you used and explain why you think the design works well for this audience and purpose. You should also discuss what changes in language you made to the document. You can use the discussion prompts at the end of the case study to help frame your response. It should be well crafted and error free, and it should reflect what you’ve read and learned throughout the semester.
While Microsoft Office and Google Docs are useful for technical document design, I would suggest you use Canva to design your flyers. I find their interface user-friendly and intuitive. Plus, its online, free, and much more robust. You are free to use a color palette that you deem fit for audiences, but please use your what you learned from your reading of Chapter 11.
The Infographic Case Study Final Draft is due Friday, June 24 by 11:59pm EST