Each student will be required to complete a 5-page mini-research paper (5 pages

Each student will be required to complete a 5-page
mini-research paper (5 pages of content) on a topic related to the class,
chosen by the student, and approved by the instructor. The paper shall be
written in MLA style, and shall include a separate sources cited page with at
least three references cited. Wikipedia and blogs are not
typically research-material as a reliable source. Books and peer-reviewed
journal articles are your best resources. You usually find peer-reviewed
journal articles in your school online library. In-text citations are
not necessary, although it would be good practice. The citations shall be in
addition to 5 pages of body text and a title page. This means your
paper should be 7 pages.
The paper shall be double-spaced in 12-point “Times New
Roman” type with 1-inch margins. Read the information about MLA papers. https://style.mla.org/
Topics must be chosen, and papers submitted by the deadlines
shown in the Blackboard Learn Course Calendar. Papers submitted by the earlier
date will be marked with suggestions and a tentative grade. Papers may be
revised and re-submitted once, if desired, utilizing those suggestions for an
improved grade. The grade from the last version submitted will be kept and used
to calculate semester grades. This paper represents the same number of points
as two of the other regular exams.
When any assignment requires essay-type responses, students
are expected to use proper sentence structure, grammar, spelling and
punctuation. I do check for plagiarism, and I check your sources. A simple
rearranging of words is not sufficient. You must take the idea and put it
in your own words or give credit where credit is due (please do not fill a
paper with quotes – a paper of this size should have probably no more than 3-4
quotes). I really want to hear your voice about what you have learned. A
research paper in college is not a high school research paper so think about
your angle and point-of-view. Do not say the same thing over and over just to
meet the length criteria. A research paper is a scholarly paper to present
Failure to follow these requirements will lower your grade
significantly. You are graded in the following manner (this means that an
acceptable paper across the board is a failing grade… you are expected to be
proficient in several areas):
Title Page 5%
Formatting and Grammer 25%
Organization 25%
Content 35%
Works Cited 10%