Download the worksheet and save it as Mod3-Worksheet-Programming-Last-First.docx

Download the worksheet and save it as Mod3-Worksheet-Programming-Last-First.docx. For example, Mod3-Worksheet-Programming-Smith-John.docx.
Consider the problem, design an algorithm (or algorithms) that would solve the problem, and then implement the algorithm in Java.
Create a new folder and name it as Mod3-Java-Programming-Last-First, for example, Mod3-Java-Programming-Smith-John.
Write the source code for each problem and save them as .java files in the folder you created. There are five programming problems for this module so you should have five .java files. Name your java files as, for example,
Please insert the algorithm written in pseudocode as a comment in the beginning of your program.
Take screenshots of your running program – you can take screenshots using PrintScreen or any tool that you are familiar with, making sure that the console window in which you run the program appears on the screen.
Copy the screenshots in the worksheet. If your program has different outcomes, take screenshots of each variation.