DO DIETS WORK ? DUE JUNE 27 Minimum of 4 pages, includes a few sample of print

Minimum of 4 pages, includes a
few sample of print outs of diet analysis from app.
Part 1 is current diet food
You will write down everything
you eat and drink for 3 days, You are graded on:
● Following instructions for recording
your food intake with sufficient details about the foods you ate
● Reasonable estimation of portions/Use of
appropriate portion units
Part 2 is your Computerized
Analysis- FREE Apps
Choose from the below websites or
Apps to monitor your habits:
You will do a nutrient analysis
of your 3-day Food Record Submit the
food records.
.You are graded on:

How accurately and completely
you input your foods onto the
Part 3 is your Evaluation and
Assessment of your current Diet
You will evaluate and assess your
diet based on your 3-day Food Record and you will suggest how you could modify
your food choices from your 3-day food record to improve the nutritional
quality of your diet. You are graded on:
● How thoroughly and intelligently you assess
your diet and make suggestions for improving your diet
Part 4- try a popular diet for at
least 5 consecutive days. Select a diet from below and follow it, record
everything you eat in the computer or app and submit your analysis. You are
graded on:
a) Description of the new diet
and the 5 day meal plan.
b) Reflections of how you felt?
Did you gain/ lose weight? How was your energy levels?
c) Analysis from the app/
computer analysis- was this diet nutritious? Difference between old eating and
this new diet into your lifestyle.
d) Your diet review- was it easy
it follow? Will you continue it? Will you recommend it- why or why not?
Selections of Diets:
1. DASH Diet
DASH was developed to fight high
blood pressure, and now is used in clinical settings as an all-purpose
diet. It is rich in fruits, vegetables,
low fat or nonfat dairy. It also includes mostly whole grains; lean meats, fish
and poultry; nuts and beans. It is high fiber and low to moderate in fat.
2. Paleo Diet
The Paleolithic diet is a modern
fad diet requiring the sole or predominant consumption of foods presumed to
have been the only foods either available or consumed by humans during the
Paleolithic era. Paleo means eating veggies, fruits, meats, fish, certain fats,
nuts, and seeds. It means removing grains (breads, pastas, rice, etc), beans,
soy, dairy, certain vegetable oils, and refined sugar from your diet.
3. Mediterranean Diet
With its emphasis on fruits and vegetables,
olive oil, fish, and other healthy fare, the Mediterranean diet is rated the
number 1 diet for disease prevention and health promotion.
4. Vegetarian OR Vegan
Vegetarian diet is based on food
that meets vegetarian standards by not including meat and animal tissue
products. For lacto-ovo vegetarianism, eggs and dairy products such as milk and
cheese are permitted. Vegan diet is strict and you do not consume dairy, eggs
or any other products of animal origin.
5. Gluten Free Diet
If you feel bloated after eating
carbs- this diet is for you! (This is what I follow) and I feel great- lots of
energy and I don’t feel bloated.
6- Choose another diet but get it
approved by me.