Discussion Board Prompt The vast majority of the Texas judiciary is chosen throu

Discussion Board Prompt
The vast majority of the Texas judiciary is chosen through partisan elections. Is this a good way to select judges? Identify the arguments for and against such a system and contrast it with the way most states select judges by discussing the application of the death penalty in Texas. If given the choice, would you keep our system of judicial selection as it is at present? Write at least 300 words explaining your position.
You must also respond to at least one classmate’s post by the due date. Each response must be between 150-175 words.
classmate post:
“First it is an okay way to handle how the judiciary is chosen. It is smart and a reasonable process. Personally I just don’t prefer partisan elections. Due to the fact that I am not the one electing directly. I want to have direct say in who determines court cases in my area. Some people think that the partisan election is fine because the decisions are made by members of their own party. But that doesn’t automatically mean that they want what you want or will decide according to what you need. Plus these people that are representing you may be on the entirely opposite side of the party, in beliefs, than you are. In Georgia they use nonpartisan countywide elections that cycle every four years. In California judges are elected through the legislature. It’s interesting how it is different across the country. I would prefer nonpartisan elections where I would be able to decide first hand. So if given the choice I would choose that. The partisan elections just wouldn’t do it for me. Because I wouldn’t be able to trust their decisions. Again I would like to have the final say in who becomes the elected judge that could possibly uphold rulings that may affect me or someone I care for.
However with the amount of people that do not participate in voting, partisan elections are an understandable solution. So I see where those in favor come from. That’s why I believe that American citizens who are able to vote, should vote in any election that is in their area”.
-Kristen Littlejohn