Compare and Contrast Essay Overview In this essay, you will compare and contrast

Compare and Contrast Essay Overview
In this essay, you will compare and contrast Glaspell’s “Trifles” with the film version of the play. Before writing this essay, please read the background information and the play in entirety from your textbook, and watch the movie version of the play. Search for and watch a stage version of “Trifles” from YouTube. It does not matter which version you watch, as long as it contains the entire play and is not a video reading of the play, a cartoon production, a filmed lecture about the play, a video summary of the play, and so forth.
Assignment Instructions
Write an essay where you compare and contrast the written and film versions of this play. Include the following items in your essay:
Provide a brief overview of the story of “Trifles”, and describe which version of the play and stage version you will compare and contrast.
Compare and contrast the play’s written and movie versions for the following aspects:
Characters and character portrayals
Describe your preference for one version or the other (written play or film). Why do you prefer that version?
Be sure to use correct terminology in your explanations, and support your ideas with actual text from the play. For instance, in the character section, you might describe how the character of Mrs. Wright is portrayed through the depiction of the setting and descriptions of Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. Please refer back to the original text frequently to substantiate your ideas.
Word Count: 900 – 1500 (not including title page and reference page)
APA formatting
Title page
Body paragraphs
Reference page
Citation Requirements: Outside sources are not required, apart from a reference to the original source of the story. If you consult outside sources for help interpreting the story, be sure to cite the sources in-text and include full citations for them in the reference list.