Community education is a critical part of community health nursing, as is the es

Community education is a critical part of community health nursing, as is the establishment of community partnerships. The purpose of this requirement is to assist the student to develop competency in both of these areas.
If agreeable, set up a timeframe to assess the group and plan an educational intervention. Work on this assignment while you are meeting with the group over a period of time (days to weeks). This assessment is your fieldwork with your target population. You can meet with the member individually, in small groups, or all together. You can meet via phone call, text, email, social media, or in-person using social distancing and safety precautions.
For this assignment, you will be completing the Target Population Assessment template (see forms in the course). You should be addressing all the components in this template. You should be using the information you gathered from your target population along with the research you have gleaned from the literature on the topic you have chosen to provide a strong defense for why this topic is important for the target population. You should be placing in-text citations for your sources and a full reference list at the end of the template. You should be using APA formatting to complete this assignment, which means paraphrasing, no use of first-person, correct grammar, and scholarly sources (peer-reviewed) dated no less than 5 years. Please do not use Wikipedia, or sources that are designed for the general public. The assignment rubric is built into the template.