CLP 1006 Writing Assignment : The Role of Positive Emotions Wat

CLP 1006
Writing Assignment
: The Role of Positive Emotions
Watch Video (YouTube): ‘Love, A New Lens on the Science of Thriving
Presented by Barbara Frederickson.

the role of positive emotions within the context of Frederickson’s ‘broaden
and build’ concept by answering the following:
1. How is the
concept of ‘love’ explained from a scientific/evolotionary perspective. Explain what she means by ‘micro moments of
bio-behavioral synchrony’, what conditions/prerequisites need to be met and why eye contact is needed
to experience these moments.
2. How do positive emotions change our thinking,
perspective-taking and improve our health
and well-being?
3. How did
study on ‘loving kindness meditation’ demonstrate the association between
positive emotions, cardiac health, and
physical and emotional health and vagal nerver tone? (describe what the vagus
nerve is and its connection to health).

The paper should be approximately 500 words (typed and double spaced); use the standard typewriter style (Courier New, Times New Roman, or something similar) at 12 pt. font size.