Click the link to open the PDF listing all the possible essay topics. Choose ONE

Click the link to open the PDF listing all the possible essay topics. Choose ONE from Unit 1 and ONE from Unit 2. You may also choose a third from ANY for bonus. Be sure to answer your first two choices completely, however.
HIS 1163 SUMMER Midterm Exam Essay Topics.pdf
Be careful to show a wide range and significant depth of learning. Don’t double-dip. Think. Use your imagination. Enjoy showing off the facts you have learned and how well you can think with them.
Typed, double-spaced, normal-sized (11-12-point) font, normal font (Times New Roman/Arial/Calibri or equivalent).
Important: Save your essays together as one file and “Submit” (which sends the file to Turnitin plagiarism prevention tool).
Essay file format: Canvas/Turnitin can read anything in Word doc or docx format or RTF. If you are using Works or another program, please be sure to save your file as Rich Text Format (RTF) before uploading, or you will not get a Turnitin report. I won’t be able to grade your work until it’s submitted successfully to Turnitin.
Watch out for your Originality/Similarity Report from Turnitin, which should be green and as close to 0% “borrowed” from other sources as possible.
Cite all sources, including your textbook. You will be able to answer completely using ONLY your textbook, although I also encourage you to use materials from the video resources and discussion materials I’ve provided. To cite your text, you only need to put the page numbers in parenthesis:
Example: Here all my really good ideas and arguments I learned from class and the textbook (37).
Other sources need full citations. Here is the Kate Turabian Quick Guide (you will need Notes and Bibliography format):