Choose an MNC which has gone through an international stock market financing or

Choose an MNC which has gone through an international stock market financing or international public debt market financing in the past 5 years, conduct a comprehensive analysis of the decision-making rationale,e and provide an in-depth discussion about the related financial/business environment.
APA style
Topic: apple
In detail, talk about all these things that I list.
Discussion direction:
1. Financial/business environment
Introduce the establishment, development, and listing of apples
The current financial position of the company
Industry-wide environment and competitors
2. Comprehensive analysis of decision-making
Foreign exchange risk control after listing
Apple’s share price has been rising in the past five years. How to control financial risks
How to improve the company’s operation in the epidemic environment
Future market positioning and prospects, etc.
Must focus on the company and related to the international finance, and make sure the main body is related to international finance.
You can find data on this website:
(This course is designed to develop a critical managerial perspective on key financial management issues confronting firms operating in a global environment. Through developing an understanding of financial markets, systems, and institutions, students will address a wide range of topics including equity, debt, foreign exchange, and credit instruments, as well as the principal derivative products. In a step-by-step fashion, making extensive use of real-world cases and examples, students will engage in such topics as money markets, foreign exchange, bond markets, cash equity markets, equity valuation techniques, swaps, forwards, futures, credit derivatives, options, options risk management, and convertible bonds.)