Cause-Effect Essay Assignment Details Cause-Effect Essay Assignment Details Caus

Cause-Effect Essay Assignment Details
Cause-Effect Essay Assignment Details
Cause/Effect Analysis Essay
Length: 800-1000 words
Percentage: 10%
Description: This is a much more involved essay that asks students to examine the cause-effect relationship in an event of some sort. This paper will require some research in order to illustrate its ideas, and therefore it will require some citations.
For this Cause and Effect essay, you will include the following:
1. One of the outline patterns (cause-focused, effect-focused, or cause-effect chain-focused)
2. An analysis (not a report)
3. At least 3 sources
4. MLA formatting for the works cited page and the in-text citations
5. MLA formatting for the paper’s presentation (double-spacing, header, page numbers, etc.)
Students are to select a historical event, a social movement, or something similar as the subject matter for this essay. They should be able to demonstrate their ability to cite texts using MLA format in addition to the presentation of a strong thesis, a coherent sense of organization, and proper grammar.
You will be performing a Cause-Effect Analysis, so don’t just say what the relationship is; you must also do one of the following:
a. explain a cause/effect’s significance (is it a major/minor cause, what are the major effects that impact us…)
b. persuade to see how the opposite outcome is more likely/has happened
contrary to the expected outcome
c. persuade that the root causes/major effects are different than what is assumed
d. persuade that people have mixed up which ones are the causes and which ones are the effects
e. persuade that people have confused correlation for causation in this instance
f. explain how two very distant subjects are related to each other through cause-effect connections.
g. clarify how the relationship is built/what form it takes between the causes and effects
h. explain to where a major causes ultimately leads
i. explain from where an effect originates
Areas to Consider:
Historical events, movements, rises, falls, influences
Attitudes of lobbying groups, cults, religious sects…
Policies/laws/rules of nations, states, organizations, sports, entertainment, games
Natural phenomena including weather, extinction, evolution
Topics to Consider for Cause/Effect
1. high crime rate
2. workplace accidents
3. particular drugs
4. under-explored forms of pollution
5. popularity of products/tv show/sport
6. common addictions (gambling, caffeine, hoarding)
7. house fires or other common accidents
8. odd but common prejudices
9. a typically made mistake
10. an unexpectedly common skillset