Discussion post: at least 350 words

The Writing Process, Rhetorical Analysis, and Midterm Exam
The main goal of this module is to write a Rhetorical Analysis essay.
We’ll start by examining the writing process. Read Anne Lamott’s short essay on “Shitty First Drafts.” Consider how she, a well-established professional writer, considers her own first drafts. Then 1) study the infographic on the writing process and its revision cycles; 2) watch “The Writing Process” video (13 minutes); 3) absorb the lesson of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode 35 from season 2; then head over to the class Discussion board and talk about your writing process–how you’ve done it in the past, how you did it for recent papers in this class, and how you seek to adjust it, if at all. Be sure to offer at least one reply to another student: There is a lot you can learn from your classmates by finding out their writing process struggles and strategies for success!
Next, take a look at our Rhetorical Analysis Assignment; read the few recommended pages of the article on “Looking for Trouble.” It’s about how to discover your connection to a writing assignment and it should help you on this and other essay assignments.
Because our paper for this module is a rhetorical analysis, please check out the two short videos here that help explain what a rhetorical analysis is; take a look at the two linked pages on “How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis” and on “Rhetorical Situations,” which includes a short and helpful video. Study the useful one page SOAPS walkthrough handout on a method for writing a rhetorical analysis and take the time to look at the two sample student rhetorical analysis papers.
There are different ways to approach any rhetorical analysis and there are many schools of thought about how to it “right,” going all the way back to before Aristotle’s great synthesis in his book, Rhetoric. If you search the phrase online, “rhetorical analysis,” and just look at the available videos, viewing one or two of those will help you see the variances, but also the important commonalities–which you should pay particular attention to for this assignment.
For this module, write a rhetorical analysis of a speech by either Martin Luther King, Jr. or Robert F. Kennedy, or on United States’ “The Declaration of Independence.” Links to the “Declaration,” and to the videos and texts of the speeches are provided for you to use.
Rough draft: should be at least 350-400 words
final draft: at least 750 words
discussion post: at least 350 words


Sample Rhetorical Analysis

Laura Carroll article: This is an important essay for this module. The author lays out the why and the how of rhetorical analysis in clear language. I recommend reading pages 48-58 at a minimum. Then you can read her introduction if you want to see how she sets things up.

Discussion board: How do you get words on paper? What stages do you go through? Do you procrastinate until the night before the paper is due and then crank out a “midnight masterpiece” fueled by Monster Drinks, cold coffee, and too much junk food?
You can post your own reflection and explanation of your writing process here. Be detailed; use concrete examples from recent experience, and then respond to at least one other student.
DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/declaration-transcript
Martin Luther King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I47Y6VHc3Ms

Must be 700 words and apa style.

I need help writing an essay. Please read the following attachment I provided and after, summarize the article then form your own personal opinion and judgment on abortion. Must be 700 words and APA style. please save as PDF.

Synthesize recent and relevant secondary research in a review of literature on the social or racial problem (must include 8-10 reference sources).

Write a 5-page paper that is double-spaced (excluding cover and reference pages). You will select a racial or social issue that has affected your community over time (you may select an issue from chapter 12 or 13). In summary, select the problem and discuss its historical background, discuss how racial/social stratification has intensified the problem in your community, and provide recommendation(s) on how to solve the problem.
1. Use basic, secondary research skills to examine the history of a social and/or racial problem.
2. Discuss how social and racial stratification intensify the social and/or racial problem.
3. Synthesize recent and relevant secondary research in a review of literature on the social or racial problem (Must include 8-10 reference sources).
4. Compose recommendations on how to resolve or respond to the problem.
5. Compile a properly formatted APA reference list.

My professor has left an example of a suggestion for a new word.

Comb through the Word of the Year archives over at the ADS website https://www.americandialect.org/woty/all-of-the-words-of-the-year-1990-to-present
find examples of each of the ways the chapter describes to create new words: compounding, prefixing, suffixing, alphabetism, acronymy, clipping, backformation, blending, and shifting. With each example, explain in a sentence or two the word formation process you think happened–in other words, give the vocabulary term name for the process, then explain it. Also, suggest a word for the 2022 WOTY, including its meaning and formation process and an example.
A good assignment will cover all of our word formation processes(compounding, prefixing, suffixing, alphabetism, acronymy, clipping, backformation, blending, and shifting), and clear examples of each from the Archives, as well as your suggestion for a new one.
Let’s make sure we’re working on NOT WRITING THIS AS A FIVE PARAGRAPH THEME, but clearly showing we know what the word formation processes are and can find and explain examples.
I have left you the link needed to assist you In this assignment. Again please make sure you follow instructions carefully as it is not a five paragraph theme. Thank you for your help. My professor has left an example of a suggestion for a new word.
My example for a WOTY for 2022 is a word I just heard on twitter today–‘dicktim’–it means someone who acts like a jerk, and then when he or she gets called out on it, claims to be the real victim. This 2022 word needs to be a new word, not something found in a dictionary.

I am unable to select zero sources

You are speech therapist. Your client is a young man in first grade named Sam. Sam’s issue is that he cannot pronounce the /s/ phoneme, so that he pronounces his own name as /θæm/. Sam is in elementary school.
Please provide a set of instructions– written to Sam, to tell him what he’s doing wrong and what he should do to correct that phoneme (remember, Sam is a child so use plain language)

Read the “An Act of Vengeance” and answer the following: 1. How is the vaguely p

Read the “An Act of Vengeance” and answer the following:
1. How is the vaguely presented political background intertwined with the story? (the senator, r, the guerrilla fighter, the political parties?
2. Provide some feminist aspects at the beginning, middle and end of the story.
3. Why is the end disturbing in this story?
Read “Two Words” and answer the following:
1. Why is writing so important for Belise?
2. What are the two secret words and why do they have that effect?
3. What does Belise have in common with Sheherazadeh? (From “The thousand and One Nights”)

According to Thoreau or Tolstoy (or both) and Kafka, what can wind up going very

According to Thoreau or Tolstoy (or both) and Kafka, what can wind up going very wrong with
trying to live a conventional middle-class life in the modern world? What do
these writers do to show us that (in their estimation) this sort of life is
liable to wind up being or feeling, for some people, more like a problem
than a blessing?
Please include in-text evidence and quotes.