For this lab, you need to to create a tutorial video of yourself showing how you map the er diagram below into a relational schema.

For this lab, you need to to create a tutorial video of yourself showing how you map the ER diagram below into a relational schema.
Use the mapping guidelines listed in Chapter 3.
Your video MUST be/have:
Screen recording (Here is an example: to an external site.)
Verbal narration (explain verbally how you map each element in the ER diagram into the relational schema as you are drawing it).
Web camera on (look up how to do it, tons of online tutorial).
Missing any of the requirements above will result in a grade of zero.
Video Notes:
You MUST build the entire relational schema during the video (i.e. when you start the recording the video, your relational schema should be empty).
You can use any software to record your screen while completing this lab. I used OBS ( to an external site.) before, it seems to do the job pretty well and it is free!
You MUST use to an external site. to draw the relational schema (any other tool will not be accepted).
Practice the lab before you start recording so your video will not be long.

Important: do not use arraylists in assignment 2.

Hi! Since I have been way too caught up in other subjects, I have had a lot of difficulties dealing with this Computer Science subject at uni. This is a serious project. Here is the instruction: Specifications (assignment2) are in the project itself. Down below I have already attached the file. You will get to know the instructions once you import the file in Eclipse and read through all of it. IMPORTANT: Do not use ArrayLists in assignment 2.

They should be of type word.

Write a complete MASM program that has two variables declared len and wid. They should be of type word. Initialize len to 10d and wid to 20d.
Calculate: the perimeter and the area of the rectangle. Create these variables.

Reviewing the concept of change windows, pick the best day and time for a regular weekly change window for a 9-to-5 business.

Reviewing the concept of Change Windows, pick the best day and time for a regular weekly change window for a 9-to-5 business. Making sure to think about why this is a good time and justify it in your post.
Write 10 sentences ab
out this topic.
Aligned Objectives
• Identify physical and logical network components
• Identify and describe the services and tools used in network operations
• Describe the processes involved in running a datacenter

5 is optional.

Please answer questions 1-4 . 5 is optional. I have attached resources for the HW questions to refer to as well. There is also a solution of old homework attached that is similar to this homework

CIA train: forever haunting never leaving

please respng to this post.
The CIA Triad is one of those fantastic things where after you first learn about it, it will never go away and you can see how it applies to many things in everyday life. CIA is an acronym for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It is a security model that easily explains the three main concerns with every information based system, both digital and physical. Listed are a few examples of systems that may prioritize one more than the others.
Confidentiality is having control over access to information. This is the priority in a system handling sensitive or classified information that you want only a few people to have access to. This also applies to information being removed from a location. A good example would be medical records, as most people want only themselves and their doctors to have access, and no one else.
Integrity is making sure the information stays accurate and is not modified in an adverse way. Archives and transaction information are good examples. If archives or transaction histories are modified, then it can no longer be trusted or used reliably. Like rewriting history, what do you trust if the story keeps changing?
Availability is having reliable, uninterrupted access. What is the point in having or using a system if it does not work or you do not have access to it? A good example of this is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Most of the modern world runs on AWS, so if it were to go down, most of the internet-connected systems (governments included) would not be able to function correctly. AWS is able to maintain availability using multiple systems including redundancy (multiple servers doing the same task), scalability (expanding workload capacity on demand), and more. (Reliability – AWS Well-Architected Framework, n.d.)
In a perfect world, you would be able to attain the highest requirements needed from these three categories for every system. In the real world, you usually start with one of the triads as a priority, add the second, and hope you can get the third consistently after the first two are reliable enough not to need a babysitter full time.
Personal Experience
Reliability – AWS Well-Architected Framework. (n.d.). Retrieved September 30, 2022, from
What is the CIA Triad? Definition and Examples. (2021, November 10). SecurityScorecard. Retrieved September 30, 2022, from

Include a comprehensive explanation of each phase.

Part 1
A) Complete Exercise 10.6 on page 325 in the Connolly text. Include a comprehensive explanation of each phase.
B) Explain how the bottom-up design approach differs from the top-down design approach. Which approach do you believe should be used to design a simple database with a relatively small number of attributes and why?
Include the questions with your answers.
The submission should demonstrate your understanding of the assigned material.
The submission should be in the order of 1,000+ words in length.
The content must be original and include supporting sentences using the terms, concepts, and theories from the assigned readings and other material (optional). The submission must paraphrase the referenced material, and restrict the use of direct quotes (copy and paste) to less than 15% of the submission (the grade will be impacted if this limit is exceeded).
There are writing guidelines in the syllabus – use good judgment, and the submission must be well organized. Provide citations and references in APA style.
Name your document Ubogu_Assignment4.
Part 2
Complete the Independent Challenge 3 exercise on page Access 160 in Module 6: Improving Queries. Do not perform the Print in step d, g, and m. You must download and use the LakeHomes-6.accdb file provided below.
LakeHomes-6.accdb (
Name the completed Access database “Ubogu_LakeHomes-6.accdb”
Screenshots of the textbook have been attached to the files.