It is important to explain to her that sickle cell disease is a disorder that affects the hemoglobin portion in red blood cells that carries oxygen to cells in the body.

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Question 1
To be culturally competent means to address a patient’s needs while observing specific cultural variations that are important to them and understanding how these affect their view of medical treatments (Purnell, 2013). As a culturally competent nurse it is important to take the patient’s culture into account while completing an assessment. It is crucial to assess their perception of the condition, how this is viewed in their culture and how said views can affect how they care for their child. Some cultures view certain conditions as punishment for example. The level of understanding from the parents also plays a major roll. The nurse must be aware of the educational level of the parents and how prepared they are to receive information and apply it when caring for their child.
A nurse’s understanding that Down syndrome is disorder that occurs during cell division, involving a complete or partial extra copy of chromosome 21 while in utero is important in alleviating some the stress experienced by the new parents wondering if this was caused by them or hereditary (Perkins, 2017). This can help them obtain accurate information on the condition, what to expect and development of the child in the future. The nurse can be a source of information for the parents
When faced with the adversity that your child has a health issue the first concern is how this will affect them, their development and the prognosis of this condition. As a parent I would be concerned about health implications, risks and precautions I need to have to care for my child.
Question 2
a. Helping Michelle understand the possibility of her baby’s condition can result in successful management and prevention of exacerbation periods if she were to have it. It is important to explain to her that sickle cell disease is a disorder that affects the hemoglobin portion in red blood cells that carries oxygen to cells in the body. The hemoglobin molecule seen in sickle cell is called hemoglobin S. This hemoglobin S affects the shape of the red blood cells making it look like a crescent shape. This an autosomal recessive condition which means the child inherits a copy of the gene from each parent even if the parent shows no symptoms of the condition (NIH, 2020). Although there may be few exceptions, sickle cell disease is inherited from both parents which means they would have to have the gene in order for the baby to have this as well. In contrast sickle cell trait can be present when the baby inherits the gene from one parent only which means they will carry it but not show any symptoms of the disease.
b. A test can be done to identify if the person has sickle cell disorder however it would be most reasonable to see a genetic counselor who can offer valuable information on genetic blood disorders as well as family history (CDC, 2019). Testing should be encouraged because in the future there could be complications if the child engages in competitive sports such as heat stroke and muscle breakdown stemming from rigorous training (CDC, 2019).
c. Some of the factors that can shape the conversation is recognizing Michelle’s educational level and knowledge of this condition in general. This can be a guide to how to approach the subject, how much information to provide and how to ascertain it has been understood. It is important to discuss the prevalence of this disease among African Americans and how it affects 1 in 500 in the population (Purnell, 2013). Becoming familiar with the statistics may assist Michelle in understanding this is something that affects many people like her and her husband and some people are able to lead a healthy life without major complications.
Question 3
a. A disorder of the blood in which the amount of hemoglobin is low is, particular to people of Mediterranean descent is called Thalassemia. In this disorder due to the lack of hemoglobin the red blood cell’s life is remarkably shorter in the body (CDC, 2020). It is important for the nurse to be aware of this as to differentiate what is normal in this population and not. Also, to prevent providing certain medication that can increase the possibility of a hemolytic crisis (Purnell, 2013).
b. Low hemoglobin levels prevent oxygen from reaching every part of the body preventing it from working appropriately. The condition caused by this consistent low hemoglobin level in the blood is called anemia. Anemia can have many causes some including vitamin deficiency, bone marrow abnormalities or hemolytic cause such as in Thalassemia. Anemia can cause a person to feel a variety of symptoms including, shortness of breath, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, pale skin, fast heartbeat and increased fatigue (CDC, 2020). Anemia can be addressed depending on the causative agent in order to correct it and prevent further complications. Some of the treatments include vitamin supplementation, blood transfusion or dietary supplement
Perkins, A., & Vermont Tech. (2017). The lowdown on Down syndrome : Nursing made Incredibly Easy. Retrieved from
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First paper Narrative  Feedback There are missing pieces of punctuation here. Th

First paper Narrative  Feedback There are missing pieces of punctuation here. There are too many run-on sentences and missing words.
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-Understudies? I don’t understand what this is. Only in acting is there a definition of an “understudy” whose role is to replace the main actor if something goes wrong.
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1) Choose a current topic or issue In the previous modules, many current topics

1) Choose a current topic or issue
In the previous modules, many current topics and issues have been explored. For this assignment, you and your partner will be applying all the research concepts you have learned to write a formal, well-written research paper.
If you are uncertain of your topic, browse through your Darby & Walsh Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice text. The chapters should give you some ideas of appropriate topics to explore.
The following is a list of topics and titles of previous Research Papers that will give you an idea of appropriate research papers for this assignment:
Mental Health and Its Relationship to Oral Health
The Use of Miswak to Improve Oral Health
Effectiveness of Oral Appliances in Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Barriers to Oral Healthcare in Underserved Communities
Lasers in Periodontal Therapy
Human Trafficking
Interprofessional Health Care Practice
Silver Diamine Fluoride
COVID 19 and the Dental Hygiene Professional
2) Research your topic or issue
Use four resources for this assignment.
Two of the resources must be from current, primary, peer-reviewed, refereed professional journals from our HEC St. Petersburg College library databases.
NOTE: One student in the pair will need to contact, either by phone or email, the SPC HEC Library tutors (i.e. for additional help on searching for these primary articles/studies and or for writing help (to include APA formatting). This will be documented and verified by the library team and faculty. Start working with the HEC library team early in the week…..they do not work Friday afternoons or on the weekends.
One other resource will be a textbook such as your core text Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice.
The last resource will be from a professional Website resource such as those that end with .org or .edu. Here is a list of a few acceptable professional websites:
American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA)
American Dental Association (ADA)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
National Institute of Health
World Health Organization
All sources must be current (no earlier than 2013).
Web sources such as Wikipedia, eHow, WebMD,, websites ending in .com,  etc., are NOT acceptable resources for academic papers.
Note: Remember that some journals such as Access, RDH, and Hygienetown magazines are NOT peer-reviewed journals, and will not be acceptable resources for this assignment.
As a reminder, submitting previously created papers, assignments or presentations that were used for past courses is not permitted.  Your paper must be newly generated work/writing.  Plagiarism of any kind is not permitted and will result in the process explained in the SPC Academic Integrity Policy.  Please review this link for information on avoiding self-plagiarism.
3) Write a 800-850 word paper using APA editorial style
Note: Because a RANGE is given for word count on this paper, you must fall within this range, or risk having points deducted. The word count is applied to the main content of the paper, not including the Title or Reference pages.
Be sure to review the APA writing style tutorials developed by our library. You will find these documents to be a very handy resource!
You do not need to include an abstract as part of the paper.
Include page numbers on each page, starting with title page (page 1) according to APA formatting .
Remember that research papers of this type are written in the third person (do not use “I”), and do not contain your opinions or ideas about the topic or issue.
For this specific assignment, use direct quotes sparingly. Only 1 or 2 single sentence direct quotes will be allowed.

For this first milestone, you will identify an aging-policy issue to explore for

For this first milestone, you will identify an aging-policy issue to explore for your final project. These issues are as diverse as the older adult population and can be tailored to your personal interests. Older Americans are increasingly diverse, differing in their racial and ethnic backgrounds, religion, income, education, and sexual orientation, among other facets. These demographics undeniably impact the development of aging policies, just as different older adults are impacted differently by policies. 

Read HBR “How to avoid catastrophe” Tinsley, Dillon, Madsen (2011). Required: Un

Read HBR “How to avoid catastrophe” Tinsley, Dillon, Madsen (2011).
Unit Journal Posts – Individual
Students will make three (3) Posts per UNIT. Each Post must be a MINIMUM of 200 words.
Each Post must consist of the following three (3) elements:
an important fact from the UNIT reading,
what this fact means,
why this post is important to you.
Student will post one (1) response per UNIT. Students will select another student’s Post and provide an encouraging response to the ideas expressed by that student. Each Response must be MINIMUM of 100 words.

Journalism help (one journal entry) When considering a story idea, ask yourself

Journalism help (one journal entry)
When considering a story idea, ask yourself what sort of documents might exist, and where would you most likely find them?Your first source should be the person or organization that you plan to write about. You most likely can find them online. What sort of documents and information is provided on the website? Are there annual reports, news releases, studies and statistics?Are there professional watchdog groups or government agencies that might compile the sort of information that you need?Are there any religious organizations or charities that keep records that might lend some insight into your topic?Have other media done stories that might help you with your own research?Do local public libraries or academic libraries have special collections or databases that you can access?
Journal entries should include the following:
A one-sentence description of your story idea and a short paragraph describing the sorts of places you looked for appropriate nonhuman sources
A list of four possible nonhuman sources 
Links to where you found the possible nonhuman sources or a description of where you found them offline

Personal Leadership PhilosophiesDevelop and submit a personal leadership philoso

Personal Leadership PhilosophiesDevelop and submit a personal leadership philosophy that reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader. Use the scholarly resources on leadership you selected to support your philosophy statement. Your personal leadership philosophy should include the following:A description of your core values.A personal mission/vision statement.An analysis of your CliftonStrengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profileA description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen.A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide examples.Be sure to incorporate your colleagues’ feedback on your CliftonStrengths Assessment from this Module’s Discussion 2.