Case 2.1: Career Development Theories Influence Career Counseling Please read th

Case 2.1: Career Development Theories Influence Career Counseling
Please read the following case study and answer the questions to the best of your ability.
Maurice, a very shy and soft-spoken 19-year-old male, presented the following concerns: He wanted help finding a job because he had done poorly in school and had little work experience. The counselor spent considerable time establishing rapport, primarily by offering support and encouragement before interviewing him.
In the intake interview, through the counselor’s probing questions, it became clear that Maurice was greatly influenced by his family’s social status and his family members’ level of employment. He was convinced that certain kinds of work were “off limits” and should not even be considered. His self-concept was judged as poor due to his self-deprecating comments. He had little knowledge of the work world and lacked skills to make good decisions. There were indications of faulty thinking; he assumed that his “place in life would be like his family and something would just happen to show the way.”
The counselor tentatively conceptualized Maurice’s concerns as follows:
Lacks self-knowledge concerning skills, interests, personality traits, and aptitudes
Is confused about how to find a sense of direction
Restricts his career options, probably because of limited exposure to work roles and his family’s social status
Lacks basic information about the work world
Has a very poor educational background and left high school before graduating
Needs assistance in restructuring faulty perceptions and developing the ability to solve problems rationally
Appears to have an affective domain problem involving self-identity, self-concept, and feelings of helplessness
1. Discuss the main concerns for Maurice in finding a job.
2. How can a holistic point of view foster use of the most appropriate interventions to address Maurice’s individual needs and strengths?
3. Discuss how client-centered therapy and Gestalt techniques could be used to build positive self-concepts to ready Maurice for the working world.
4. If you were working with Maurice from a totally developmental perspective, what kinds of things might you discuss with him surrounding his career maturity?
5. How could the use of job shadowing help Maurice build on his strengths and learn new ways of interacting at work?