BILLER is a chain of retail stores headquartered in Esbjergsellingcosmetics, hea

BILLER is a chain of retail stores headquartered in
Esbjergsellingcosmetics, healthcare items, household prod-ucts and health food.
In its industry, BILLERis among the tenlargest retailersmeasured by
revenues.The aim of BILLER is to get among the three largest retailers. To do
so, one strategy of BILLER is to enhance its sales in both, online and offline
channels. Amajor part of customersat BILLER is between 20 and 40 years of age.
In this segment, 95% of
customers are users
of smartphones. Overall, this
group of customers
has been found
to be interested in newly
introduced and innovative products. With this
background information,
asabusiness consultant, youare
responsible to providethe head of
digital marketing at BILLLER with an ideaon howto enhance sales. One
colleaguein your groupsuggestspersonalizingcustomer touchpointsmarketing
communication in both, online and offline (i.e., at the physical
point-of-sale)chan-nels. Before yougo ahead with this idea, you seekto find
answers on the following points:
1)How is personalization defined? Discussrelevant
information fromacademicliterature(2 to 3 references)to provide a concise
2)Whichoptions doesBILLERhave to personalize
itsmarketing communicationin both online and offline channels?Please describe
two options.If necessary, make assumptionsabout the employedcommuni-cation
instrumentsat BILLER.
3)Elaborate on the positive and negative effects of
the personalization of customer touchpoints.To do so, consider relevant
information from academic literature: Choose2 to 3 academic papers informing
about the effects of personalization and summarize the findings of theseresearch
papers in your own words.4)Personalized advertising can also be offered in
physical stores, namely via digital in-store displays. When is this a good
Please refer to
the results reported in this article:Hess, Nicole J., Corinne M. Kelley, Maura
L. Scott, Martin Mende, and Jan H. Schumann. “Getting Per-sonal in
Public!? How Consumers Respond to Public Personalized Advertising in Retail
Stores.” Journal of
Retailing 96, no. 3 (2020): 344-361