Behavioral analysis of an animal on the endangered species list (https://www.wor

Behavioral analysis of an animal on the endangered species list
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You are to write a detailed paper describing the behaviors of an animal of your choice on the endangered species list. Make sure to include the scientific name of the animal, its natural habitat, and how many survive in the wild today. Your analysis must include sections on how your animal makes a living in the wild, mating behaviors, and parenting behaviors (following all the sections in the text). For instance, describe how the animal makes a living in the wild by going into detail about its foraging behaviors, migrating patterns, its predators/prey, competition and territoriality, communication, and group/solitary living behaviors. Then for the mating and parenting section describe the sexual conflict, sexual selection and courtship behaviors as well as mating pattern, parenting and helping/cooperation behaviors. Include throughout the analysis how these behaviors are learned/adapted so as to be advantageous to the species. Lastly, describe conservation efforts to improve the animal’s survival.
Paper guideline: APA format for in-text citations & references, 6-7 pages (at least 6 FULL pages), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, with reference page (not included in the 6-7 pages). Use academic sources for cited information. Wikipedia is not to be cited or used as an academic source. If you are unsure of what constitutes an academic source- ASK.