Be as detailed as you can.

Think about writing a note for your employer as a manager that is of the utmost significance. You must be detailed while still being succinct. Before all else, you need to decide what the company should do and be explicit in your explanation. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the options you’ve chosen. Use numbers to quantify these costs and benefits if they are available. Be as detailed as you can. Making assumptions for various scenarios is frequently essential. As long as you can support your beliefs, this is OK. This is not a research project. To complete the assignment, you must rely solely on the case facts and, if applicable, your professional expertise.
Please read the case and answers the questions:
1. Should Dow have lobbied against REACH? Why or why not? (40%)
2. How effective has chemical industry lobbying been? (35%)
3. If REACH passes, should Dow support or oppose the reform of the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act to align with Europe? (25%)