BACKGROUND/PROBLEM STATEMENT Assignment By this time you should have watched ALL

By this time you should have watched ALL MyMedia presentations for Chapter 1. You will need to use this material for this assignment.
A draft of your problem statement with a brief background and explanation is to be posted by midnight of the due date. If there are issues with meeting the deadline you are expected to contact me via email and explain.
You should start using the Blank Research Paper Template from the start. You can start inserting the material. For chapter 1, you will put your background information immediately following the Chapter 1: Introduction heading. You are NOT to include a heading for the background. The only sections required for this assignment are the introduction and Problem Statement. Please leave everything else in the template-you are not to delete out anything at this point.
Link to Blank Research Template document
Download Link to Blank Research Template document
You will be using this for ALL assignments related to your Thesis/Plan B/Research Proposal. Again, Do not delete elements of the template that you are not using.
The Graduate School prepared a more detailed guide than the template — see link below
Link to the Research Template Guide
Download Link to the Research Template Guide
Guidelines for Introduction/Background Information Section
Remember – You are NOT to use a heading for your background section
You need at least 3/4 to 1 ½ pages for the introduction/background – its purpose is to set the stage for the Problem Statement section. The problem should NOT be a surprise. If you are writing about a company you need to describe the company and the situation.
You must include details about the situation. It is to set the stage. You need to tell the story – what does the company do, what are the issues. If there is an issue what is it and provide examples of what it is and what the consequences of the problem are. When I go to read the problem statement there should be nothing new – everything should be discussed in the background/introduction section
You are NOT to use personal pronouns.
For those of you who will be completing a Plan B or Thesis, you will most likely want to mask your company name. Please start doing it now – Stout’s practice is for student to use Company XYZ. Please note Company is considered part of the company name so it should be capitalized.
For those of you who do not need to complete a Plan B or Thesis (Operations & Supply Management and Manufacturing Engineering) do not need to mask the company name. No information goes beyond this class.
Problem Statement
This section is not long – it is no more than a paragraph – with two to three sentences. YOU DO NOT START with the purpose is to….
You address the situation.
The problem statement is the WHY you need to do the research not the how you will address the problem or “the what” you will be doing. You should not be discussing what methodology you are using.
The company name is to be used early in the problem statement.
Failure to follow the format will mean a 15% reduction in the grade.