Assignment title: Do we live in an equal society? Due Date: 3/13/2022 at 11:59

Assignment title: Do we live in an equal society?
Due Date: 3/13/2022 at 11:59 pm
Purpose: I’m asking you to read some source material, make a decision, state your position, and use the readings from class and also outside research to validate your thinking in an organized essay.
Skills: We’re working on stating and refining a thesis, practicing research and computer skills, and using critical thinking skills to decide and defend that position to an audience of peers.
Rhetorical Situation: Consider your audience to be a contemporary audience of your own peers, with a full rang of attitudes and opinions. You should write for an audience in which some members oppose what you’re trying to say.
Task and the question:
How close are we to a society based on equality regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, Immigration status or any other distinction which may tend to divide or impede us a civilization? How far are we from those goals?
I don’t mean to limit this only to the US, either, but also am interested in examples from the rest of the whole world. Are the issues as simple as a binary yes and no, we are all equal/Some of us are less equal than others, or are we somewhere on a curve, doing well in some areas or for some people and not well in others? What should be our goals?
Use current events. Use the class readings, but also use quotes from contemporary political leaders, religious leaders, or popular figures like athletes and creative artists in the media to help you make your case. Be wary though. Double check your quotes for the facts. Just because someone holds elected office or can shoot a basketball, he or she might still get the facts wrong, so fact check as much as possible (Even me).
Use what you wrote in your discussion board posts or your practice writes as a jumping off point for your ideas about this essay. I’m looking for an ability to bring other people’s credited ideas into your writing to help you make your points. I’m also looking for your ability to create a limited focus on specific aspects of your case to validate your thesis.
Criteria for success:
· Pick one condition from the list in the first line of the Task and Question from above, or choose an example that you know of from your experience of the world around you.
· Remember, you must be able to find reliable and expert sources that comment on the topic you are working with.
· Focus on a single idea. A focused thesis. One thing you want to avoid is letting your audience wonder what you’re talking about.
· Use at least two quotes from different sources, with at least one quote coming from an outside source you found on your own. Provide appropriate MLA documentation.
· Read the prompt carefully. List for yourself what the prompt asks you to do in your own words. Be sure to provide a response to each element of the prompt.
· Use quotes from the authors themselves to help you make your points. (continued)
· Think on the page. Don’t be afraid to express your own thoughts. Take your thinking and writing that extra step beyond merely reporting what you read or found. React to the source material you use.
· Enter a conversation with your sources. Discuss opinions but focus on facts. Use your own voice.