Assignment is a response to two seperate discussion posts. The requirements are

Assignment is a response to two seperate discussion posts. The
requirements are as follows:
150 words per reply
each response needs to include an integration of biblical principles
each response has to have 1 scripture reference
each response has to have 1 additional scholarly resource
cited in current APA format.
care revolves around the use of communication and
technologies (IT) in healthcare (van Gemert-Pijnen et
al., 2018). For
the success of e-health, the staff needs to possess a unique skill set.
The fantastic skill set that is necessary for
e-health care includes,
firstly, interpersonal skills, this is the skills
that help workers
efficiently communicate with each other. In
addition, they have
flexibility, teamwork, empathy, and conflict
resolution. These skills
are essential for the success of any team
setup, hence crucial in the
health field. Secondly, programming
language skills, although not
necessary for every health
information technology field, can give the
staff an upper hand over the competition. In addition, these skills come
in handy when
constructing or developing a health IT system (Marc et
al., 2019). Thirdly, the ability to operate a data system for health.
The worker will have to work with a health data system and can apply
skills to the health information role.
The obstacles present as informatics develop globally include a
country’s education level. First, this generates a barrier in the
training of health care workers. Secondly, language can pose a
since, without understanding each other, it’s challenging to train
employees on e-health or communicate with the patients
Another problem is a country’s legal regulations on
training healthcare
staff in computer science and programming.
Lastly, problems are
associated with the terminology used in
health descriptions like price,
availability of resources, and skill
gaps among the staff (Marc et al.,
We can solve these challenges by developing a group of rules that
would offer all workers the needed training and guidance on
operating a
health information technology. In addition, the upper
leadership should
track the progress of these health care workers to identify and
eliminate the challenges and weak points present.
2nd Chronicles 26:15, “In Jerusalem he made machines,
by skillful men, to be on the towers and the corners, to shoot
arrows and great stones. And his fame spread far, for he was
helped, till he was strong” (New International Version Bible, 2011).
This means we are meant to advance our skill set to
make them stronger
and better.
Marc, D., Butler-Henderson, K., Dua, P., Lalani, K., & Fenton, S.
H. (2019). Global workforce trends in health informatics &
information management. In MEDINFO 2019: Health and Wellbeing e-Networks for All (pp. 1273-1277). IOS Press.
New International Version Bible. (2011).
In the healthcare industry they have
professionals that are tasked with many tasking throughout the
organization. In most sectors
these professionals are tasked with
gathering, organizing, and
distributing data throughout the organization
to improve the
organization so that it’s always up to date with today’s
problems. With the increase of data being more and more important there
are many needs that are associated with the job title, and a major is
see fit is that must view information thoroughly and be able to
effective and reliable to the organization.
Some skills that I believe are important
and a must have to work
with this constant evolution are the ability to
comprehend, read,
make quick judgement calls, and have the ability to
interpersonal skills. The reason I think that these are important
informatics is due to the fact that these are all essential skills
that are needed to be a valuable employee, and with these skills it
shows that you are capable of the necessities when it comes to
title. But we are not just looking for the bare minimum when it
comes to
skills, we need to expand the search and look for unique skills such as
problem solving, communication skills, and the ability to work well
under stress.
The main challenge that I see associated
with the expansion of
healthcare informatics is the use of terminology
in healthcare. The reason being is that there are various specialty
offices in
healthcare such as mental, rehab, podiatry, etc. With all
specialty clinics there are many terms that are being thrown
around that have been created to make the life of the nurses and
easier. But in turn the medical administration is being put
in a tough
position to figure out what these terms mean. “When all members of a
team know medical terminology, they can also help
the patient learn what
those terms mean. Patient education helps patients become a more active
part of their care team, leading to
improved satisfaction.” (PCC,2017).
This will help to eliminate all
errors that are associated with
terminology because they will all
be on the same page.
We can overcome this problem by just
reforming the terminology
back to the original text data. This will free
up all the errors that
are commonly happening with paper documentation
and other
things like EHRS, or PHRs. I think once we continue to revert
back to the same text data not only will the lives of nurses and doctors
be easier but so will the administrative workers. (Philippians 4;13) “I
can do all things through him who strengthens me.” With the
reform if
we all put forth the effort to complete the reform, I think
that the
benefits would be beneficial to all parties in healthcare
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